Russia Seeks Stable Relations With U.S. As Tensions Escalate

Russia Seeks Stable Relations With U.S. As Tensions Escalate
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Relations between the United States and Russia have touched the lowest level since the end of the Cold War. Even as both sides continue to escalate their rhetoric over eastern Ukraine, Moscow said over the weekend that relations between the two countries were a “crucial factor for international stability.”

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Russia and the U.S. can find solutions to the most complicated problems

President Vladimir Putin said in a message of greetings to his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama on the occasion of Independence Day that despite some disagreements between the two countries, they should try to find solutions. Putin said such an outcome was possible by maintaining dialogue based on the principles of mutual respect and equitability.

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The Russian President told Obama that the U.S. and Russia were capable of finding solutions even to the most complicated problems. On the other hand, the Kremlin has announced that Russian Navy will hold missile firing drills in the Pacific Ocean. It is the latest move by Russia to expand its naval presence to gain military parity with the United States.

Russia transforms the security landscape in Europe

The U.S. has stepped up military presence in eastern Europe to counter Russian aggression. Last month, Washington decided to send hundreds of tanks, howitzers, and other lethal weapons to the Baltics. NATO has accepted that the Ukraine crisis has transformed the security landscape in Europe, and they have to abandon the hope of a positive relationship with Russia, reports Reuters. Ever since Moscow annexed Crimea last year, some European countries have been dragged into an arms race.

Escalating tensions between Russia and the West has prompted NATO to rethink whether it’s time to rewrite its master strategy document. The document adopted by NATO leaders in 2010 says that there was a “low” possibility of a Russian attack on NATO territory. Last week, a Russian prosecutor-general’s office said it would review the 1991 Soviet decision to recognize the independence of Baltic states. It has alarmed NATO, even though Moscow has since sought to play down its significance.


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  1. I’m a former american, now living in a Mediterranean country. Former because I’m disgusted with what the US has become and frankly terrified of the approaching US national bankruptcy with an ensuing racial civil war. Good luck there! If you don’t wanna be there try the Escape from America magazine (online)

  2. Russia was “on the path to international inclusion and respect” when Russia was making one concession after another without receiving anything in return. And I don’t think Putin need to “play political games” to stay in power. He has above 80% aproval rating.

  3. You’re right about that! But many Russians are still dreaming of conquering the world and they need someone like Putin to fulfill that dream.

  4. The alleged “cbyer warfare” does not rise to the level of attacking NATO. That might qualify for a designation as high as “minor annoyance”.
    Russia has said it has the right to protect Russians, but it is not looking for an excuse to go to war and has never, ever, threatened EU nations over the issue. The only time they have intervened on the side of ethnic Russians was in Georgia where they were being slaughtered in a campaign of ethnic cleansing. They also provide non-lethal aid to the ethnic Russians in Ukraine where they are being bombed, shelled and machine gunned by Nazi brigades who have publicly stated that their goal is to rid Ukraine of all the “sub-human” Russians. Russia has only stepped in where ethnic Russians are being killed.
    There are no such Russian minorities in any NATO country. Russians living in the Baltic nations and the rest of Europe enjoy a high standard of living and like being where they are. These are civilized countries where no one is shooting at their own citizens. Russia has never indicated that those minorities might ever need any assistance or protection.
    Threatened NATO? No. Putting up defense shields is not a threat to anyone who doesn’t attack you. America is about the only country in the world that has the gall to
    claim that any time anyone else puts up defenses against us, it is a
    threat. Its almost humorous.
    Telling NATO, by any means, “If you shoot at us, we do shoot back” is deterrence, not aggression. Of course, every time Russia reminds NATO that their policy is the same as the US, “We shoot back”, NATO screams that Russia has threatened nuclear war! It simply isn’t true. Russia has made it clear that its policy is the same as US policy.
    I love the bit about being threatened by Russian bombers. America has held military exercises in the last year in the Baltics, the Black Sea, Georgia, and Ukraine, all designed to intimidate Russia and now we get uppity because they fly planes too close to us. We may not get much sympathy with our complaints.
    All of the flights that NATO hassled were in international waters. NATO, of course, has a problem with the concept of “international waters”. They firmly believe that such areas are reserved for NATO military exercises and daily flights by American spy planes, but all the flights were legal, allowed by international law and harassed by NATO. None entered the air space of any other country or made an threatening moves.
    The bit about Russian officials is particularly humorous. We have Al Franken and McCain and other nuts in our senate and Russia has a couple of nuts in the Duma. None of them speak for their countries and neither Putin not Obama is responsible for their babbling.

  5. Russia was on the path to international inclusion and respect , then Putin began to play political games in Russia so he could stay in power , so he had to have an enemy to put before the people , his Crimean invasion and causing trouble in Ukraine gave him the opportunity to portray the E.U .and the U.S.A. as Russia’s enemies. This is a petty dictator turning himself and Russia into pariah’s . Russia’s problem with the world is Putin.

  6. Russia carried out a successful test of its new Bulava intercontinental nuclear missile on Wednesday and will perform two more test launches in October and November, the head of its naval forces said.The armed forces
    have boosted their military training and test drills since the start of the
    conflict in eastern Ukraine, which Russia considers in its traditional sphere of
    influence.The 12-meter long Bulava, or mace, has undergone numerous tests, some successful, and can deliver an impact of up to 100 times the atomic blast that devastated Hiroshima in 1945. Naval Commander-in-Chief Admiral Viktor Chirkov said the test launch had been carried out from the White Sea and that the test missile had hit its target in Russia’s far east.”In October and November of this year, the naval fleet will carry out two more launches with two rocket cruisers equipped with ballistic missiles,” Interfax quoted Chirkov as saying.A Bulavamissile weighs 36.8 tonnes and can travel 8,000 km (5,000 miles) and hold 6-10 nuclear warheads.

  7. Lol, you mean: Mean while in the paranoid world. where people’s imagination run wild and rumors fly like an insect invasion. Get real, they will have peace to implement the ring that in the darkness binds us

  8. “Moscow reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear weapons or any other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia or its allies”

    For an arbitrary definition of ‘allies’. At what point do Russia’s holidaymaking non-soldiers from the Schrodinger division stop being “allies”, and become a hostile force?

  9. Says the article above: In his phone call to Obama on Independence Day he said that ‘despite some disagreements between the two countries, they should try to find solutions’ and that it was possible to maintain ‘dialogue based on the principles of mutual respect and equitability.’
    Meanwhile in the real world four Russian nuclear bombers were intercepted off America’s west coast, two in Alaska and half an hour later two more approaching California. Obama more or less got two phone calls at the same time, one from Putin feigning an interest in peace and positive relations, and the other call from his defense officials saying that Russia was simulating attack runs off the coast.

    > Words.
    > Actions.

  10. Russia has an important role to play in world history today than neither America nor Europe can. Putin has been doing an excellent job of it so far. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on December 19 that the Russian strategic nuclear forces will receive more than 50 ICBMs in 2015. Putin also reaffirmed plans to modernize the fleet of Russian strategic bombers and nuclear-poweredsubmarines. According to the new Russian military doctrine signed by Putin Friday, Moscow reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear weapons or any other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia or its allies, as well as in the case of an attack with conventional weaponry that threatens the very existence of the state.

  11. Nothing wrong with wishful thinking, but Russia looks stupid talking like this. There is no money in a stable relationship between the US and Russia. Democrats and republicans don’t get money for promoting peace and stability. They are paid to talk and support war. It has been like that since WW II. Wake up.

  12. How can a Government with 89% approval be unstable? On the other hand a government ran by an african illegal alien, who attended an islamic madrassa in indonesia and who otherwise is a genuine commie has to be considered unstable

  13. Crimea has been Russian for centuries (upon the soviet union’s break up ukies tried to grab what’s not theirs annexing crimea in 1991) and will stay that way forever regardless of what some bankrupt and dysfunctional western states might prefer while they are still in existence (not for long)

  14. How can they be considered equals with the US – Russia has $288B reserve fund which grew by 5.6% last month, while the US has $18Trillion debt growing at about 600,000 per hour? So US lives on borrowed money and borrowed time, has an NSA-ran Big Brother surveillance in place and has NOT been at war for only 8 years of its existence. USA has 47,000,000 foodstamp recipients, Russia has no foodstamp program. All in all how can a bankrupt and dysfunctional newly third world country ran be a lawless african dictator be considered equal to the ascending Russian colossus?

  15. I think Putin and his ex-Soviet/Russian General are seriously confused living in a dreamland. On one hand they want to be respected even to be considered equals with the U.S. They want stable relations with the United States, but on the other hand they think they can intimidated the U.S. into respecting them enough to have that stable relations with them. Like juveniles, they don’t get the point. Putin and Russia need to earn that respect even before thinking about equality with America. Putin needs to try hard to come close to becoming equals with China before his fantasy of wanting to be considered equals with the U.S.
    The United States of America, the greatest, most powerful nation on earth remains extremely cool, calm and collected just disregarding all these worthless, useless provocative acts from Putin and his aging General. Putin keeps digging deeper while making his case even worst that he started with. The world now sees how “EMPTY BARRELS MAKE THE MOST NOISE”.

  16. This is not difficult, President Putin. Seal up the Russian-Ukrainian border. Quit encouraging/allowing Russian soldiers to enter Ukraine to fight. Quit allowing Russian weapons to go to the eastern independence movement. Help support the cease fires that you already had your country put its name to. Ukraine appears to be very willing to allow a lot of autonomy in the East to maintain one Ukraine by name and to achieve peace. Negotiate hard to have a military free, internationally monitored fair and open referendum with plenty of free speech debate without recrimination in Crimea, to see if the majority of Crimeans really want to be a part of Russia, with your negotiations allowing for continued and legal and internationally recognized annexation of Crimea back to Russia if that’s what they legitimately choose, and with a peaceful return to Ukraine if not. President Putin, if you start to correct your mistakes, we in the West can start to remember the times in the past 15 years that Russia may have been correct about things: opposing the war in Iraq, supporting our efforts against al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan, keeping an international cooperative spirit about the space station while we let our space program dwindle, advising us against bombing Libya and taking out Qaddafi, advising us to not destabilize the Assad regime further in Syria.

  17. Sounds like he is continuing his BS. If he is interested then he will move his military back home. I do not see him leaving the Crimea that is what he wanted in the beginning. If he gets peace now and keeps the Crimea, he has won a big victory.

  18. Does international community really knows something about current situation in Eastern part of Ukraine.Infrastructure of the Eastern regions is completely destroyed. War between Russia and Ukraine lasts more than a a year. Russia is experiencing its entire arsenal of weapons in order to kill Ukrainians. The official number of people killed in the invasion has already reached 6,500 killed from Ukrainian side, the death toll from the Russian side very carefully concealed. OSCE and international negotiations does not particularly help and turn to a blind corner. Please read this interesting and factual article about who really uses Russian military weapons in Ukraine. Russians used Donbas as a testing ground. Collected photographic evidence is only the tip of the iceberg. Occupants in Ukraine test the latest equipment in radio intelligence, electronic warfare, communications and troop control systems.

  19. “has no reason to ever attack one”
    Right, their saying last year that they have the ‘right’ to use military force to interfere in the affairs of sovereign nations that host ethnic Russian, Russian speakers, and/or Russian “passport holders” no matter how small in number. The fact that there are several million such people in Europe, many of which are descendents of Stalin’s post-war colonists, that doesn’t register on your radar?

    ” has never even threatened NATO”
    Putting all it’s nuclear forces on standby for the Crimean annexation. Stationing ground-based nuclear launchers in it’s conquered exclaves right on the edge of European borders, while at the same time whining like a wounded animal that NATO has the temerity to have so much as a Nerf gun cross the old Iron Curtain line, a whole 700+ miles away from the Russian border. Flying nuclear bombers up to and along the European Atlantic coast and the US west coast, so many flights in fact that the bombers started to burn out causing at least one pilot’s tragic death (Russia’s cold war 2.0 already has a kill-count). Telling Denmark that their navy will become targets for low yield tactical nukes if they pursue any defensive measures whatsoever. Not to mention the political figures proposing to “wipe out” the Baltic countries for the great sin of not being Russian.

  20. Don’t feel all alone Ivan. The bankers ponzi scam is crumbling; this has driven them insane. They’re going to set the world on fire and they can’t be stopped. Get ready; Cobra Commander is about to give Gen Barry the green light.

  21. Putin claims to want stable relations with the US, even as he sends bombers towards the California and Alaskan coastlines on July 4th. Putin will never be trusted in the West again.

  22. Russia has never attacked a NATO country, has no reason to ever attack one, and has never even threatened NATO. In spite of that NATO has been successful in carrying out a a self serving panic and hysteria campaign as if Russia was a real threat. Of course, NATO needs to have Russia as a threat to justify their useless butts getting salaries for doing nothing more than “protecting” countries from a phantom enemy.

  23. No one should have gotten involved in this conflict in the first place. Both sides are stupid here. Russia should have never tried to take more than Crimea, and the Us and Europe shouldn’t have started setting up weapons around Russia’s border and therefore justifying Russia to start WW3. By this point, Russia’s scrambling for natural borders to defend, particularly in Ukraine’s mountains, and everyone is ready to go and beat Russia up. This is essentially now a mexican stand-off with everyone having their guns pointed at Russia, and Russia having their big ass rocket launcher aimed right back.
    We’re trying to improve relations with Russia, not start the next Cold War! And yet somebody up in the government wants what i assume is some cold war vengeance. Has everyone forgotten that Russia is an advanced country with roughly the same level of equipment that we have?! This is Russia! Not some 3rd world country!

  24. Russia was never in the fold, it was the foolish Europeans who got taken in hook line and sinker by Russia. It is never a good idea to rely on any one source for your energy independence. NATO is not pushing at Russia’s borders there haven’t been any heavy US armor in Europe for over 3 years it was all shipped back to the US, now enough equipment to out fit a Brigade plus a Headquarters battalion is being pre-positioned at the request of said NATO countries.

  25. Europe wants Russia back into the fold as their friend and trading partner. Russia doesn’t want NATO pushing on it’s borders. Everyone should back off.

  26. There must be no stable relationship with ruSSian fascist dictator putler until ruSSian fascist federation stops occupying Ukrainian Crimea peninsula and parts of E.Ukraine.
    Putlers is a NAZI criminal personally responsible for the civilian deaths in E. Ukraine

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