U.S. Wants A World Without Russia: Putin Aide


A top Russian security official believes that the U.S. wants a world where Russia does not exist at all. In an interview published in the Russian-language newspaper Kommersant on Monday, Russian Security Council Chairman Nikolai Patrushev said the U.S. wishes Russia did not exist. Patrushev, a top aide of Vladimir Putin, asserted that Washington was the architect of the plan to topple Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014.

U.S. wants to weaken Russia dramatically

Nikolai Patrushev said the United States’ goal was to “create an instrument to weaken Russia dramatically,” reports the Radio Free Europe. He added that the U.S. was keeping the European Union countries on a ‘short leash’ by forcing them to impose anti-Russia sanctions. Patrushev said it was not in Russia’s interest to get involved in the “civil conflict” in Ukraine.

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Washington has outrightly rejected Moscow’s claims that it had conspired to bring down Viktor Yanukovych. On the other hand, Western countries and Ukraine have accused Russia of providing direct military support to separatists in eastern Ukraine. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum, “We do not act aggressively. We have started to defend our interests more persistently and consistently.”

Russia dragging the world back to Cold War

Putin said that the hegemony that the U.S. has enjoyed over the past few decades, with the support of its allies, is now being challenged in a multi-polar world. In the new multi-polar world, security under the international law, parity, and national sovereignty are a right, rather than a gift in the hands of the U.S. and its allies. Putin said the U.S. was responsible for the turmoil in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries.

The U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Monday that NATO won’t let Russia “drag us back to the past.” Carter accused the Kremlin of trying to recreate its Soviet-era sphere of influence. Russian aggression has prompted NATO to take a series of military moves, including the creation of a NATO rapid response force and acceleration of military exercises.