Russia Developing Advanced Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Ship Guns

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Russia continues to develop innovative military technology which designers say are more capable than Western equivalents.

President Vladimir Putin recently announced a plan to spend $400 billion by 2020 to modernize the Russian military. In addition to the Armata tank and new amphibious assault ships, military sources have recently announced the development of two new artillery systems, according to Sputnik News.

New gun reportedly far more advanced than Western rivals

The designer of the new, self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system claims that it will be far more powerful than its Western counterparts.

“We are developing a 57 mm self-propelled artillery system for our antiaircrafters,” said Georgy Zakamennykh, head of the Burevestnik design bureau, during an interview with the RIA Novosti news agency.

Engineers at Burevestnik are also developing a rapid-fire cannon for the Russian Navy. “It’s up to the Navy command to take it onboard, along with our remote-controlled machineguns of various caliber,” Zakamennykh added.

Russia boasts several high-profile military research centers, and Burevestnik Central Scientific Research Institute is part of the Uralvagonzavod Corporation.

New anti-ship shells allow one-strike destruction

As well as the new cannons, Russian defense researchers are also working on delayed-action detonators which could allow ships to be sunk using just one strike.

Valery Lebedev, department head at the NIMI (Engineering Scientific Research Institute), states that the institute is working on programmable detonators for artillery shells which cause far greater damage to ships.

The shell penetrates the hull of the ship before detonating after a programmed delay, exploding inside the hull and causing widespread damage. The U.S. Navy is also reportedly working on a similar system which is part of the MEMS microchip project.

“The international trend that we follow is the creation of intellectual detonators which allow for the explosion of the shell in optimal temporal and spatial coordinates,” Lebedev said.

Lebedev went on to say that the new technology means fewer shells are needed to complete destroy naval, coastal and aerial targets. Alongside the advance in shell technology, the institute is also considering working on low-sensitivity explosives. Such materials would reduce the likelihood of unintentional detonation.

Russia’s arms industry facing competition from China

The new artillery pieces sound impressive on paper, but it must be said that Russia has a record of announcing new pieces of military hardware but then delivering them late, or not at all. In addition to modernizing its own military, Russia needs to protect its reputation for innovation in military hardware in order to boost arms sales to foreign powers.
With economic sanctions imposed by the West and the unstable price of oil, the Russian economy is suffering. One way for Putin improve the country’s finances is to export vast amounts of military hardware, but it is facing increasing competition from China in the world market.
Although other economic problems may stymie Russian plans to modernize its own military, there is certainly a market for Russian technology around the world. The agreement of a deal with Iran this week opens up the possibility of arms sales to Tehran, although any sales will be subject to UN rules.
It was thought that an existing deal for the transfer of an S-300 missile system from Russia to Iran may have been scrapped under new rules banning the sale of missile technology to Iran for the next 8 years, but Russian Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the press that exports will be possible if the UN Security Council approves them.

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30 Comments on "Russia Developing Advanced Anti-Aircraft, Anti-Ship Guns"

  1. Attacking Russia is not an option that any sane person in the U.S. military or government would contemplate. However, reckless military incursions by the Russians, in the form of fighter and bomber aircraft flying into another county’s air space is what the Russians have been engaged in over the course of the past couple of years. And their outrageous behavior is actually increasing.
    But now Russia is paying a heavy price for Putin’s misadventures, in the form of several of his military aircraft having literally fallen out of the sky over the course of the past several weeks. The problem for Putin is his Mother Russia does not have more modern aircraft to conduct such military flights. So the situation has laid bare the true state of Russia’s war machine — it is still in a state of downward spiral. Good job Putin!!!

  2. So why don’t you attack them and find out if their equipment is really outdated

  3. Right. Just like in Ukraine where our soldiers are there fighting? While on vacation of course.

  4. Russia simply DOES NOT have the Rubles to pay for all of these reported military expenditures in the next few years. It all amounts to a Vladimir Putin’s pipe dream, and will never become reality.
    As has been widely reported in the past couple of weeks, Russia’s Soviet-era military aircraft are falling out of the skies, because of their greatly-increased incursions into other countries’ air spaces. Russia’s military is running almost exclusively on legacy aircraft, ships, tanks, and infrastructure, and it cannot begin to pay for their replacements. So, reality is finally catching up on the Napoleon Complexed Putin.

  5. Yeah, yeah ValueWalk. Once again, proving to be a mouthpiece for Putin propaganda. Russia has all these big plans, but no money to accomplish them. It’s all bluster, as usual.

    Russia might want to spend what little money they have left to give proper maintenance to their failing aircraft.

  6. Boring. Typical Russian Propaganda. Even now Russian warplanes, ancient ones and new fighters are falling out of the skies like leaves in the fall. No quality maintenance, too old, out of date.

    US Navy already has an Electric Rail Gun capable of sending shells at MACH speeds. Expect smaller versions to be installed on land vehicles, besting anything Russia can do.

    Lets not forget the Russians could not build or maintain their very few dated aircraft carriers. And lets not forget all the Russian submarine disasters like the Kursk.

    Russia basically has a military of conscripts who just can’t maintain what they have. Deal with it.

  7. I was expecting things like the current technology US is developing that could be a game changer but;
    Didn’t mention rail gun.
    Didn’t mention laser energy weapon.
    So what’s the point in arguing?

  8. Robert Yarbrough | Jul 16, 2015, 12:44 am at 12:44 am |

    I too am exactly like Russia, I myself have invented countless technological break throughs and just like Russia would be set if I could just get it to work.

  9. Typical Russian boasts.

  10. Watch this video, everyone pls. Bad Russia again try talk with you, World… Again try create friendship…

  11. Just watch real russial propaganda. Kind and truth.

  12. Just watch this video! Everyone! :3

  13. yep, start a new war. US started 10 (or 15 wars lately) so it’s definitely not enough!

  14. well they do have aircraft carrier. they even sold one to China as I recall.
    But the thing is they don’t need many of them because only US goes around the planet bullying sovereign countries and starting wars.
    US has 800 military bases around the world and surely they need lots of aircraft carriers lol.

  15. ever heard of Kamaz truck? they win pretty much every Paris-Dakar rally while american crap never even makes it to the finish.

  16. then why it says “The U.S. Navy is also reportedly working on a similar system” lol

  17. it is bs. Russian can’t even make its own car

  18. really bull sit they copy and not even sure it working right

  19. The author is citing Russian “designers.” Do the math.

  20. Exactly. As Bugs Bunney would say to the Russians: “What a maroon.”

  21. …” Russian defense researchers are also working on delayed-action detonators which could allow ships to be sunk using just one strike.”…
    I don’t want to be a Buzz Kill or Russia’s big plan. But The US, Japan and UK all used delayed detonation Naval Artillery shells in World War 2. They also developed the proximity fuse that detected when an Naval artillery anti-aircraft shell came within a preset distance from a aircraft before exploding. That particular invention and design was 100% American and was responsible for lowing the number of successful aircraft attacks against ships, be they torpedo, bomb or strafing attacks by 60%.
    The type of shell that 75 years later Russia is still trying to iron out was perfected by the Japanese for their military. The shells from their 18 inch Naval Guns had a arming and fusing device that allowed the shell to penetrate up to 8 inches of hull plate or armor belt, push through bulkheads and explode inside a ship. If i hit a magazine (and many did) it would blow a ship to pieces. The shell penetrated so well that hitting a smaller ship, like a light cruiser, or small destroyer required the shell to hit an engine or a boiler to initiate detonation.
    If your going to go head to head against the west with arty, the Germans and Americans are going to run you down. Besides… American ships are mounting rail guns and high power lasers to supplement traditional arty and missiles. Russia is decades behind in that technology.

  22. It’s BS.

  23. If there was a Nobel Prize for arrogance, ignorance, thieving, greed and habitual lying Putin would surely be the winner.

  24. If you roll a self-propelled AA gun into Ukraine, and shoot down aircraft with it, is that defensive?

  25. Why is it all a sudden new Russian weapons are far superior than the USA? Is it BS or is it for real?

  26. Russia never built a carrier b/c they couldn’t figure out how to engineer the catapult. However, they did manage to come up with that banana boat design that was later converted into a casino that the CHI COMS are now reconverting back into a “carrier.” Maybe later it’ll be re-re-converted into a hospital or maybe even a nursing home. LOL. And we’re supposed to fear their tech???? NO.

  27. Sanctions on Russia will prevent Moscow from obtaining the latest technology, forcing Moscow to create primitive knockoffs like those made by Iran and North Korea. Anybody can come up with ideas-that’s the easy part, but you must not be banned from purchasing advanced technology. Russia will very quickly fall behind in the technology race, until Putin is removed or something changes and the technology bans are lifted.

  28. “also developing a rapid-fire cannon for the Russian Navy”

    Cool story bro, we have an electromagnetic railgun that fires a 25,000 dollar round at mach 7 with pin-point accuracy, and can fire multiple rounds per minute.

  29. Oh you mean how their weapons were “Better” than ours in the cold war? LOL what a joke. Russian military tech is and always will be terrible, they are only good for making nukes because the Russian motto is “Bigger = Better.”

  30. Alonso Schneeweiss | Jul 15, 2015, 6:31 pm at 6:31 pm |

    I’m tired of Russia provoking the West with these defensive weapons. Something really ought to be done about it!!

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