Nokia Unveils Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia Unveils Virtual Reality Camera
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Nokia recently unveiled a virtual reality camera device during an event in Los Angeles. The device operates as a headset, enabling users to view movies and animated scenes in 360 degrees. Nokia hopes Ozo will be the first camera designed for shooting high quality virtual reality cinema.

Nokia to market the VR device to professionals

The camera will be sold to professionals and not the general public. The device is also likely to face competition from other camera makers, including GoPro, which displayed its own way to capture 360-degree video footage. Nokia Technologies President Ramzi Haidamus believes they can make unforgettable adventures for all and bring their stories to life.

The Ozo device was designed as a sphere with a total of eight cameras and eight microphones. There is also a rectangle that sticks out of the back which holds the battery and hard drive. Ozo comes with software for users to view the footage captured from each camera and near-live low resolution views on the headset. Nokia plans to debut the camera by the end of the year.

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Haidamus added, “We expect that virtual reality experiences will soon radically enhance the way people communicate and connect to stories, entertainment, world events and each other.”

Virtual reality is part of the bigger plan

Nokia teamed up with Jaunt, a company that specializes in making virtual reality films. Cliff Plumer (President of Jaunt Studios) said the partnership is a big deal because it is specific to VR. Haidamus also claimed he saw many things be tested at the Nokia Lab starting when he joined Nokia a year ago, which explains why he made the choice to invest more in areas that not only progressed well but also in those matching the growing technology market.

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