Google’s New Photos App Offers Unlimited Photo Storage

Google's photo app

Google is set to roll out a revamped version of its Photos App. Unlike some similar photo storage apps on the market, the new app is set to private by default. The update means users can easily select which photos they want to share and keep other photos hidden from the public.

Features in the new Google Photo app

One of the many notable extras found with the new Google Photos app is the improved face recognition and organization feature. It also sorts images by places or things as categories. Users can type a search term like “beach” or “baby” to locate images.

Another useful feature with the app is the photo assistant, which was designed to create slideshows, movies and animated GIFs. No photo editing skills are required to make the most of this feature. A user selects the photos and allows Google to work its editing magic.

Google’s photo app monitors storage

If you worry about using up all your phone space with images and videos stored on your phone, the new app has a feature to alert you before you run out of space. The feature monitors the phone and determines which images were already backed up. A reminder then pops up on the user’s phone, giving them the option to remove duplicate images.

The best thing about the new Google Photos app is that it is free and unlimited, but files over 16 megapixels are compressed. Google also offers users a paid option for users who don’t want their files compressed.

Google’s new photo app is something that should please all Google fans and photo collectors. The app is certainly a nice alternative to the Google+ photos option that turned the entire photo storage experience into a social application.

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