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Analyst Predicts iPhone 6S Colors Will Match Apple Watch

Famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released his predictions for the end of 2015.

Kuo, who works for KGI Securities, has built a considerable reputation as an accurate source for all things Apple. Rumors are currently flying related to the Apple Watch 2 and the iPhone 6s, and Kuo has weighed in with his insight.

Analyst estimates sales figures given lack of official information

According to Kuo, the next generation Apple Watch will be released in new colorways, and updated versions of the iMac and iPad Mini are also in the pipeline. In addition to predicting new products, Kuo has estimated sales figures for the second quarter, as well as performance in the current quarter.

Official sales figures for the Apple Watch are not yet known, but Kuo predicts that the company sold approximately 3.9 million units in Q2. He believes that figure may increase slightly for Q3, perhaps reaching 5 million, thanks to the launch of the Apple Watch in new markets and more reliable supplies of components.

Wall Street analysts previously predicted that the Apple Watch would sell 15 million units by the end of the calendar year, but Kuo believes that target is unrealistic.

Those waiting for official sales figures from Apple may be disappointed. Last year, CEO Tim Cook told Fortune that he was “not very anxious in reporting a lot of numbers on Apple Watch because competitors look for it.”

New colorways for Apple Watch will match iPhone 6s

Kuo predicts Yellow and Rose Gold versions of the Apple Watch Sport, which would match with predicted new colorways for the iPhone 6s. In previous reports, Kuo predicted that the iPhone 6s would be available in Rose Gold in order to match the Rose Gold Apple Watch Edition.

iPhone sales are estimated at 54.2 million units in the second quarter, and Kuo also believes that Q3 figures would be slightly lower, at 40.1 million units, due to decreased demand leading up to the rumored launch of the updated iPhone 6s.

One rumored update for the next-generation iPhone is the addition of Force Touch technology. Kuo believes that the update will make initial shipments of the iPhone 6s slow due to the “low yield of Force Touch.”

iPad sales to decline further although new iPad Mini may boost figures

Kuo predicts that sales of the iPad will continue to decline, from a figure of 8.2 million units sold in Q2. A thinner and lighter iPad Mini, which may simply be a smaller iPad Air 2, might be seen by the end of Q3. If so, sales may increase to 11 million units in Q3. The report made no predictions about prospective updates to the iPad Air or iPad Pro.

Moving into personal computers, Kuo believes sales of Apple iMac desktops will remain strong. He predicts 5.3 million units shipped in Q2, and says that figure may increase to 5.8 million in Q3. New iMac models may be released as we transition from Q3 to Q4.

Kuo’s record of predicting Apple’s next move is certainly impressive, and has been discussed at great length in the tech media. Of course, Kuo is simply speculating right now given the fact that Apple itself has not discussed future plans nor Q2 sales figures, but we have reached a point where when Kuo speaks, the tech world takes note.

If Apple sticks to its traditional timeline, the iPhone 6s will be announced in late September.