Google, Facebook And Samsung Gang Up In Patent Fight Against Apple Inc.


South Korean-based tech giant Samsung is receiving support from other companies in its ongoing patent battle against Apple. Several firms filed a ‘friend of the court’ brief earlier this month. The list of the aforementioned companies supporting the Galaxy smartphone maker includes Google, Facebook, eBay, Dell, and HP.

Google, Facebook And Samsung Gang Up In Patent Fight Against Apple Inc.

A coalition of tech giants fighting on behalf of Samsung

Apple claims Samsung stole patents, but the coalition backing Samsung claims technology development is a complicated process. They stated in their brief, “Under the panel’s reasoning, the manufacturer of a smart television containing a component that infringed any single design patent could be required to pay in damages its total profit on the entire television, no matter how insignificant the design of the infringing feature was to the manufacturer’s profit or to consumer demand.”

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The group explained a ruling for Apple could mean problems for the future of technology developments. The ruling’s effect could also go beyond smartphones to impact online platforms and software products. Tech companies spend billions of dollars on the development of complex technologies every year.

Apple is concerned with Google’s involvement

Apple responded to the coalition by claiming it should be dismissed because of Google’s involvement. Google makes the Android mobile operating system Samsung devices run on, and that means the search giant is biased and has a great interest in the outcome.

The battle between Samsung and Apple first started back in 2012 when the former was accused of copying patents. The court ruled in Apple’s favor and forced Samsung to pay $930 million, but the figure was eventually reduced to $382 million. The courts also ruled that Samsung would have to pay the total profit of the smartphones sold. Another case was filed in 2014 when Apple sued Samsung for damages. In the suit, the Cupertino-based phone maker claimed Samsung copied their technologies, designs and products.

Both Apple and Samsung declined to comment on the matter.

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