Chattanooga Shootings: 1 Police Officer, 4 Marines Shot

Chattanooga Shootings: 1 Police Officer, 4 Marines Shot
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THE LATEST in Chattanooga

According to WRCB, multiple federal agencies are being called in on the Chattanooga shootings. The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms are being called in. Also the Dept. of Homeland Security activated its strike team in Chattanooga, and other strike teams in surrounding districts are being put on standby. Tennessee Highway Patrol Officers have secured the Tennessee State Capitol building.

More news outlets are now reporting that four members of the U.S. military (possible all Marines) and one Chattanooga Police Officer were shot in the incident, which appears to have begun at the Naval Recruiting Center and ended at the Naval Reserve Center. At this time, the conditions of those who were shot are not being released.

Although the area is not considered to be an active shooter scene any longer, nearby businesses remain locked down, as are Chattanooga State, Erlanger Hospital, Memorial Hospital and Lee University.

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CBS is reporting that its law enforcement sources said multiple marines and a police officer were shot in Chattanooga. The police officer was reportedly shot in the leg, and at least two U.S. Marines were shot. Other sources are reporting as many as four marines, but that number hasn’t been confirmed.

Also CBS reports that the shooter has been killed.

Multiple photos of the shooting scenes in Chattanooga are being posted on social media right now:

A Newschannel 9 reporter said he observed nearly 30 emergency vehicles from multiple agencies en route to the area, including Chattanooga Police, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and other county emergency vehicles. He also said he saw ambulances leaving the scene.

The TV station is also reporting an active scene at the National Guard Office on Lee Highway in Chattanooga. It states that there are shell casings “all over the parking lot.” Someone told the station that he saw someone in a silver convertible Mustang drive off after he heard “at least 20” shots.

Although the U.S. Navy tweeted previously that there was no shooting at the building, officials tweeted again a short time later to confirm that there had been another shooting there. It must be noted that the National Guard building on Lee Highway is distinct from the Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway where the navy previously confirmed a shooting. Both buildings are currently scenes of shooting investigations. It’s unclear if the incidents are related.


The U.S. Navy tweeted that there was no shooting at the Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, apparently rejecting reports of the center’s involvement. However, multiple media outlets are reporting that police are investigating a shooting at the recruiting center, and the navy did confirm this via Twitter.

A witness reportedly told CNN that she saw a man with a “high-powered rifle” in a silver Mustang fire “a lot” of shots. Also Newschannel 9 reports that one of its reports heard “a half-dozen shots in rapid succession.”

According to WRCB, Erlanger Hospital in Chattanooga is treating multiple victims. The hospital itself is also reportedly on lockdown. Chattanooga State Community College posted a statement about the shooting on its website and advised everyone on campus to stay inside and shut their doors.

Earlier there were reports of a shooting at Bradley Square Mall in nearby Cleveland, Tenn., but those reports turned out to be false. As a precaution, the mall has been placed on lockdown.


A Chattanooga police officer is among several shooting incidents which happened this morning. WRCB-TV is reporting that one of the incidents started at the U.S. Naval Recruiting Center on Lee Highway and ended at the Naval Reserve Center on Amincola this morning. Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke reportedly told the TV station that a city police officer was shot in that incident. It’s possible that there are other victims in that incident as well, however.

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