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Street Fighter 5 PS4 Beta In July – Cammy And Birdie Added

Sony’s Monday night E3 keynote was used as a venue to release details on Street Fighter V, unveiling two new combatants along with the release date for public beta game play. The beta version of the game will be exclusively available to PS4 pre-order customers on July 23rd.

More details on Street Fighter

At the event, users were re-introduced to fluorescent-mohawked, chain-wielding Birdie and the musclebound, scantily clad aerialist Cammy. Cammy debuted in Super Street Fighter II in 1993, while Birdie first appeared in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995.

In the latest version, the revenge meter is replaced by the Variable system, which is measured by the V-Gauge. Sony mentioned on its official post that there are three distinctive mechanics under V-Gauge, namely V-Skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal. So, every character in the game will have entirely different sets of V-skill, V-Trigger and V-Reversal. For instance, for Ryu, all the three skills will be different compared to those for Chun-Li or Nash. A particular character can access the V-Skill by performing the medium punch and medium kick simultaneously.

Details about the new Street Fighter fame have surfaced every now and then since the first teaser was launched online last December along with potential release dates, characters announcements and even clips of live gameplay. The exclusive version of the game on PS4/PC is still scheduled to release by the end of March next year.

30-year-old franchise still popular

It’s been almost 30 years since the first version of Street Fighter video game was launched in Japan. Even at that time, it was one of a kind both visually as well as in terms of game play. Amazingly, even after 30 years, the concept is still thriving.

Almost everyone has heard of Street Fighter, even if they haven’t played the game. In this much-loved franchise, the fighters don’t just punch or kick each other, but also release fireballs and other such insane stunts like classic “hadoken.” Even after three decades, characters such as Ken and Ryu are still the staples of the franchise.

Of note, the release of the second version of the franchise took gamers across the globe by storm, and fueled the popularity of both Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.