Capcom Denies Street Fighter 5 For Xbox One

Capcom Denies Street Fighter 5 For Xbox One

There can be few more iconic video games than Street Fighter 2, so the future release of Street Fighter 5 is certain to create a lot of buzz among gamers. The second iteration of Street Fighter was one of the most successful coin-ops in history, and pretty much the only game outside of the golden age of arcade games to really become a cult classic.

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Since the release of this machine by Capcom, and the subsequent porting to a wide variety of home video game platforms, beat ‘em ups have remained a popular video gaming genre, but none has quite captured the imagination to the extent of Street Fighter 2 to date.

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Capcom honing Street Fighter 5

However, Capcom is currently working on Street Fighter 5 ahead of a release in early 2016. When it does hit the stores, Street Fighter 5 will be one of the most hotly anticipated games on the PlayStation 4 system. With the ongoing video games war between Microsoft and Sony – with the latter starting to close the sizeable gap on the Japanese cooperation with its Xbox One video games console – both companies are continually looking to gain an edge. One such example of this was Microsoft’s deal with Square Enix to ensure that the forthcoming Tomb Raider game was released on Xbox One before it hits the PlayStation 4.

So it will be a blow to Microsoft that the manufacturer of the Street Fighter 5 game has recently rubbished suggestions that it could appear on the Xbox One. The latest entry in this hugely popular franchise was revealed back in December, and announced at the time as being a PlayStation console exclusive. However, due to the vast history that Capcom has of porting its various Street Fighter releases across numerous platforms, it had been suggested that a Super or Ultra edition of Street Fighter 5 could eventually find its way onto the Xbox One.

But GameSpot has reported in the last few days that any such suggestion of this is wide of the mark. Speaking to a representative of Capcom, the publication made it clear that Capcom has entered into what is considered a “real partnership” with Sony, and that this latest Street Fighter 5 release will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4.

Capcom praises Sony ahead of Street Fighter 5 release

Capcom has also stated that its relationship with Sony provides benefits that extend well beyond marketing support, and the huge Japanese corporation opens doors for things that the game creator hasn’t been able to do in the past. According to Capcom, this is a relationship that serves a gameplay and development purpose as well as one of marketing value.

Microsoft executive Phil Spencer had previously attempted to suggest that Street Fighter 5 could be acquired by the Microsoft corporation to appear on the Xbox One platform. He stated that business deals frequently happen in the video game industry, and that’s it is possible that Microsoft would attempt to encourage Capcom to ultimately release at least a version of the Street Fighter 5 game on its Xbox One platform.

Images released

Although it seems that Microsoft Xbox One owners are to be disappointed on this occasion, PlayStation users can instead look forward to the title. And Capcom dropped some screenshots of the developing Street Fighter 5 ahead of the E3 2015 this week, which have been acquiring a pretty strong reception from fans of the series.

The images in question were released by Capcom in conjunction with a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming fighting game. The trailer in question showcases the battle system included in Street Fighter 5, which is intended for a release before the end of the first quarter of 2016. PC users will also be able to enjoy this title, as Capcom has indicated that it will be available for purchase through Steam.

Street Fighter 5 – new features

Aside from the screenshots and the PlayStation 4 exclusive news, it was also reported this week by Eurogamer that Street Fighter 5 features new gameplay mechanics. Unquestionably, Street Fighter 5 should be viewed as an evolution from previous versions of the game rather than a revolution, but there is a new element to the makeup of the title which should excite fans of the series.

The focus attack which was included in Street Fighter 4 has apparently been eliminated from this title, and in place of this counter-attacking strategy are V-Triggers. This new attack, which is operated by pressing HP and HK, apparently works differently for every character in the game.

Each character’s particular V-trigger move has special benefits within the game world, and thus needs to be operated in different circumstances. Ryu can enter a powered-up state enabling him to do extra damage, Chun-Li is endowed with the ability to make extra hits, Charlie gains a teleport facility, and the infamous M. Bison benefits via improved movement and combinations.

According to reviewers who have tested out this new system, it works extremely well and represents something of an improvement over the focus attack which was present in Street Fighter 4. It certainly seems to give the gameplay an extra flavor, and is something that fans of the Street Fighter genre will unquestionably be looking forward to getting to grips with.

Finally, IGN has this week printed a massive article outlining every single aspect of the new control system, and everything in the Street Fighter 5 game which differs from the previous iteration of the series. It is impossible to recount this fully here, but fans of the Street Fighter genre would benefit from perusing the IGN article.

Although Xbox One owners may be slightly jealous of Sony PlayStation 4 gamers, it should be said that this still looks to be an outstanding console game for the early period of 2016.

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  1. microsoft bias so strong in this one microsoft bias so strong in this one microsoft bias so strong in this one microsoft bias so strong in this one

  2. You can’t compare it to KI because that game was trash created without the original team and on a system that fighting games aren’t popular on. Of course fighting games aren’t as big as most fps games, It never said it wasn’t. It’s still kind of a big thing for most people because the series has been multi-platform for many years. It’s no more overhyped than MKX, it’s just another game to add to the tournament list.

  3. Fighting games are more niche than anything. SFV is great for the PS4 and everything, but I don’t see it as anything huge, just like having KI on my XB1 is nothing to write home about. Fighting games are small fry compared to the likes of games like Call of Duty or Fallout. This exclusive is overhyped to make it sound mind-blowing. The only mind-blowing thing here is overhyped it is.

  4. I disagree, SF has a more hardcore community than MK and it’s always been bigger at tournaments. lol no one gives a sft about 343’s ruined Halo series and Tomb Raider? Who the hell cares about that game.

  5. You’re joking right? You know every year that there’s a new Street Fighter game, attendance at EVO has spiked because of it? Street Fighter has and always will be considered as one of the best fighting game franchises.

  6. not rally, mortal kombat is way better than street fighter. the fact that Halo 5 is coming out in October and Tomb Raider in November pretty much seals PS4 fate for the Christmas holiday. So again, who is going to wait for SFV for the PS4 in 2016 again?

  7. I can’t wait to see the crying after Microsoft just fn owners no first party exclusive games coming Sony…….the crap they. Will say and make up will be hysterical……like usual

  8. People like me been playing sf4 since day 1 when it came out. Some versions later we still playing but games that came out around the same time are dead. how many cod games have came and gone since vanilla came out in 2009?

  9. Aj, its not nowhere near the biggest games man… Stop lying. I understand you are a fan of the game but sales are mediocre. combined (xbox 360/ps3) Street fighter 4 sold only 4 million copies.. Thats poor sales.
    And may I add the number of used copies that filled the shelves at Gamestop proves people played it for a while then sold it right back.

  10. Okay first off, Rise of the Tomb Raider may NEVER go to ps4!!!!! Why do these articles (WHO ARE VERY PRO sony AND VERY ANTI-MICROSOFT) state info they know nothing about?????? Dead Rising 3 was a timed exclusive and it has yet to go to ps4 2 years later!!!!! Timed often means 1 console/ PC later release.
    2nd of all The vast majority of the Xbox One gamers dont care about a has-been fighter game that hasnt changed nothing since 1993.
    3rd of all SFV will be released 1 1/2 years from now. So why are they even mentioning this game.
    I smell desperation on sonys part here since they have no exclusives coming out any time soon. And the ones that did come out did very poorly! Although I do like Bloodborne.

  11. Phil Spencer has already confirmed they are looking at streaming PC to Xbox One as well as Xbox One to PC, so by the time this comes out that may well be in place, you could get it on PC and you will also be able to stream to your Xbox One so you will be getting the best of both worlds.

  12. I have not owned a SF game since the days of SNES. But for the XB1 owners that might be upset about this, i am sure Capcom and MS have something else up their sleeves…….. Marvel Vs. Capcom for XB1 & PC Exclusive and of course Dead Rising 4.

  13. Well, I guess we got Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One from Capcom. I also wouldn’t think it’s a real deal breaker for many people. Fans of these kind of games would’ve inevitably picked up an Xbox One by now for Killer Instinct. Are there really that many die hard Street Fighter fans anyway?

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