Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Rumors Are Back

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date Rumors Are Back
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Rumors from Asia suggest that Samsung may be releasing the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than has been anticipated and stated by the corporation. Samsung has publicly denied the idea that it will release the Galaxy Note 5 before expectation, but murmurings emanating from near the Samsung supply chain suggest that these public pronouncements may be inaccurate.

July / August release date?

This is not a new rumor related to the phablet, as earlier reports have suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 could launch as early as July. But even if this particular assertion does not come to fruition, it is worth pointing out that an August release date would be advantageous for the corporation. With Apple not expected to deliver the iPhone 7 until October, this would give Samsung two months to sell as many units of the Galaxy Note 5 as possible before the Apple iPhone 7 Plus emerges.

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Previous Galaxy Note releases have been tied into the IFA event; an annual tech show held in Berlin in September. If Samsung does indeed intend to release the Galaxy Note 5 before its usual window, then this would necessitate a standalone event in order to announce the phablet, which would certainly be a significant departure from the previous approach of the Korean company.

Galaxy Note 5 to play role in Apple battle

Samsung’s continuing battle with Apple is a focus of attention and strategy for Samsung, particularly since the corporation bullishly suggested in 2014 that it intended to overhaul Apple as the world’s most significant consumer electronics company. But the last 12 months has not been particularly successful in this rivalry for Samsung, with Apple establishing a significant lead over the Korean corporation. Additionally, Samsung was forced to concede publicly that its recent mobile releases have not been up to scratch, when figures were released by the corporation that indicated its profits had tumbled by 60 percent in 2014.

Thus, sources in Taiwan are increasingly suggesting that Samsung might be tempted to release the Galaxy Note 5 earlier than predicted in order to gain an advantage over Apple. This could mean that the Samsung phablet could ship as early as August, which will be a mouth-watering prospect for many fans of the Android-driven range. It is notable that the Galaxy Note 4 was probably the most successful Samsung device of 2014, at least critically, and it will undoubtedly be an extremely important device release for the Korean consumer electronics giant.

However, the hierarchy of Samsung has previously poured cold water on the suggestion that a smartphone could be released by the corporation in July or August. Indeed, Samsung’s head of mobile, J.K. Shin, recently moved to specifically deny this persistent murmuring. It was therefore expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will be released after the IFA 2015 event, which will take place this year in Berlin, Germany from September 4 to September 9.

But it now seems, at least according to the latest word from East Asia, that Samsung may decide to release the Galaxy Note 5 significantly earlier that was expected. In line with this suggestion, it is also being reported in Taiwan that Samsung has already begun negotiations with Taiwanese cellphone carriers. Should these reports be correct, then it would obviously be essential for talks to be ongoing with carriers from other parts of the world. There is certainly a significant amount for Samsung to organize ahead of the release of the Galaxy Note 5 if it indeed intends to shift the release date forward.

It will be interesting to see whether these rumors come to fruition, particularly considering the obvious motivation that Samsung has to gain an advantage over Apple. The corporation would clearly benefit in gaining a head start over the iPhone 7 Plus phablet, but logistical and technical considerations that Samsung will have to deal with should certainly be taken into consideration.

Must exceed iPhone 7 Plus

The Galaxy Note 4 was notable for being the most advanced phablet in the world when it was released in 2014, and even though the iPhone 6 Plus sold particularly well for Apple, it is probably reasonable to assert that the Galaxy Note 4 still holds this crown. In a year in which the Galaxy S5 was not particularly well received by either the critical community or consumers, owing to its plasticky design, the excellent reception afforded the Galaxy Note 5 was critical for Samsung.

It is therefore extremely important for the Korean corporation to deliver an outstanding phablet when the Galaxy Note 5 is released. So although it would obviously be a commercial advantage for Samsung to get to market before its great rival Apple, this may not be logistically possible considering the advanced specifications which are being linked with the device. Samsung will be expected to make notable and explicit improvements over the Galaxy Note 4, and it is debatable whether this can be achieved in a smaller timescale than the previous Galaxy Note releases.

Possible specs

Already, rumors are linking the Galaxy Note 5 with some particularly impressive specifications. The display is expected to be increased in size over the Galaxy Note 4, and it is possible that Samsung will include 4K resolution in the device. Even if this is not achieved, it is still expected that the Galaxy Note 5 will have a higher pixel resolution than any previous mainstream mobile release.

Reports from Samsung-following media have also suggested that a massive 4,100mAh battery will be included to provide improved battery life and cope with the potentially increased resolution of the device. Recent rumors have also suggested that an updated USB-C port will be included to provide improved functionality, and Samsung is expected to opt for its proprietary Exynos 7422 processor in the unit; effectively ensuring that it cannot palm this task off on another company and save itself time in manufacturing.

So although this is an intriguing rumor about the Galaxy Note 5, and it could be headed to market earlier than usual, it is still wise to pay heed to Samsung’s public statements on the subject. It may be logistically more practical for the corporation to stick to its usual release schedule, so watch this space for further developments.

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  2. I hope the Samsung galaxy note 5 have a laser focus camera, removable battery and SD card slot those would be the best features.