New Intel App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Keyboard For PC

Intel launched a free Android app over the weekend allowing users to use their phone as a keyboard and trackpad for a PC. The chip maker designed the app for mini PCs that do not include many auxiliaries. Of note, the user can use the app on Windows 7 or 8.New Intel App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Keyboard For PC

Better than most free apps

The Intel Remote Keyboard app can be found in the Android Play Store. If both Intel Remote and PC are on the same Wi-Fi network, the app will detect the PC automatically. App consists of an on-screen keyboard and a trackpad with a scroll bar that can be accessed in both portrait and landscape mode. There is a space within the app that lets a user control the cursor, tap to left-click and tap with two fingers for a right click. The user would need to swipe finger on the scroll bar to scroll.

There are already many similar apps available on the market such as Unified Remote, Goldworm Remote Control, etc., but according to The Next Web, the app from Intel is better than many available free-apps, providing a “hassle-free setup and quick connectivity.”

Works for both Intel NUC and Stick

The chipmaker is launching this new app for both the NUC and Stick. Intel’s NUC is a micro PC. It is the size of palm top, packed with popular Intel Core series processors on a highly specialized mainboard to give users the the required speed and performance despite the small size. Such PCs are seen as a perfect fit for corporate work terminals, home entertainment systems and industrial workstations that need to save on space.

Intel’s Compute Stick is even smaller in size, but can also work like a PC when connected to HDMI port for display. However, the device has not received rave reviews, with some complained about poor overall performance.

Separately, another Android app was launched by Intel this month that allows for the syncing of contacts between a smartwatch MICA and a user’s Android smartphone to enable texts to contacts. Those looking for more connected MICA and also not wanting compromise on fashion sould be happy with the new app available in the Android Play Store.