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Make An Awesome Resume Online With This Tool

Creating a resume is a boring task, and one needs to know how to use a Word processing program like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer or similar programs. But wait. Not everyone needs to know how to use such programs, and even if they know, styling and arranging different sets of information are very important. You really don’t want to make a simple resume look complicated, but you’ll definitely want to make the resume visually appealing.

Creating resume online

So if you are searching for a good tool that creates your resume with less hassle, then here comes Using this online tool is very simple, and you just need to keep filling relevant information in the fields provided.

resume online

The tool requests information in six categories:

  • Personal info
  • Statement
  • Work
  • Projects
  • Education
  • Skills

You just need to keep on adding information, and if there’s a field that’s not relevant to you, then you can even skip filling it out. However, you do not want to miss filling out your personal information, past work history, education and skills, as these are very important information. In the last step, you can even pick your own font, align text and configure line spacing. Once done, you can then print your resume or save it as a PDF.

For those of you who are concerned about the privacy of your personal information that’s entered there, the developer says that the information is not stored. “Nothing you enter on this site is stored or sent over servers. Ever. but we do use HTML5’s local storage to save what you entered on your computer so you can come back end edit it later.”

So if you are looking for a simple tool to build a good-looking resume, then go ahead and try it out.