iPhone 7 May Come In March 2016 With Apple Watch [REPORT]

iPhone 7 May Come In March 2016 With Apple Watch [REPORT]
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iPhone 7 rumors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with some articles actually being clickbait to talk about the iPhone 6S or whatever this year’s iPhone ends up being called. Today we have a couple of interesting rumors, with one being  collection of suggestions about what the design may look like and the other indicating that the iPhone 7 may be out as early as March 2016.

iPhone 7 May Come In March 2016 With Apple Watch [REPORT]

iPhone 7 release date in March?

The folks at Geek Snack report that their sources have given a March 2016 release date for the iPhone 7. It must be noted that this website is unknown, so if you’re looking for a track record of Apple-related predictions here, there isn’t one.

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They cite their “sources from within the company” as giving the March 2016 release date. Of course it’s generally expected that the iPhone 7 won’t be out until next year, since this year will probably bring us the iPhone 6S. However, the March time frame is a new tidbit to add to the growing pile of iPhone 7 rumors.

The same article states that the iPhone 6S will arrive in October in three sizes and “variations,” although it’s possible that there will only be two variations, with one being plastic and another metal. The suggestion that there will be three variations of this year’s iPhone is a repeat of a rumor we’ve heard recently from other sources.

Further, Geek Snack reports that the iPhone 7 will launch alongside the next Apple Watch “because there will be a joint event showcasing new integration features” that haven’t been seen before.

iPhone 7/ 6S design rumors

In terms of design, the website states that the iPhone 7 will have Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the display of the handset rather than in a physical home button. Supposedly some have reported that the iPhone 7 would have some kind of joystick home button (really?), but Geek Snack’s sources claim that’s not true (what a shocker).

The website also claims the camera will be as good as a DSLR and that there will be a 16-megapixel “duo camera” complete with optical image stabilization. The site’s sources also claim the display will be 5.3 inches in size and have Retina resolution.

Other rumors about the iPhone 7 design

Interestingly, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also gave some expectations for the design of this year’s iPhone. The analyst’s views were reported on Japanese website Macotakara and spotted by Business Insider. Kuo tends to have a rather solid track record in terms of reporting Apple rumors.

The analyst also mentioned the Apple Watch, suggesting that the iPhone 7 or 6S or whatever this year’s iPhone is called will take some design cues from it. Kuo states that Apple will use the same type of aluminum it used for the case of the Apple Watch Sport.

Kuo also suggests that Apple may add a rose gold color choice, which is in line with what The Wall Street Journal said previously about a pink iPhone. The analyst also said Apple may darken the current space gray option a bit and make the gold color a little yellower.

Further, he said the next iPhone will have a Force Touch display, which we’ve heard many times before.

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