E3 Is Just A Few Days Away; What To Expect?

The much awaited Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2015 is just a few days away. It’s an event where video game developers, distributors and enthusiasts from around the world gather in Los Angles to catch a glimpse of the latest video game titles.

E3 Is Just A Few Days Away; What To Expect?

E3 press events to star on June 14

While the E3 event is officially scheduled between June 16 and June 18, many companies already announce their titles in advance and then discuss it at the event. It helps them avoid getting lost in the crowd. The first press conference will be held by Bethesda at 19:00 PST on Sunday, June 14. Microsoft, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Sony will hold their press events on June 15. Nintendo and Square Enix have confirmed that their press events will be held on June 16.

Some of the most expected titles include the latest installments of Microsoft’s Halo 5: Guardians, Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic Fallout 4, and Ubisoft’s action-adventure series Assasin’s Creed: Syndicate. Electronic Arts is expected to showcase its new Star Wars Battlefront alongside the sequel to Mirror’s Edge.

Virtual reality to be a major attraction at E3

Sony has reportedly delayed its PlayStation 4 exclusive Uncharted 4. Nintendo’s next Legend of Zelda has also been delayed. Activision is all set to showcase Call of Duty: Black Ops III, the latest version of its Call of Duty franchise. The company is also expected to launch a new version of Guitar Hero, which has not been revamped in a long time.

We are unlikely to see any major console announcements at E3. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have all launched their respective consoles fairly recently. However, there have been rumors that the Redmond-based software giant could launch a new Xbox One controller at the E3 event.

As expected, virtual reality will be one of the biggest highlights of the event. Sony’s Project Morpheus, HTC’s Vive and Facebook’s Oculus Rift all will be exhibiting at the event. Virtual reality seems to be a technology whose time has come.

The E3 Press Conference Schedule:

Sunday, June 14

Bethesda – 6:30 PM PDT

Monday, June 15

Microsoft – 9:30 AM PDT
Electronic Arts – 1 PM PDT
Ubisoft – 3 PM PDT
Sony – 6 PM PDT

Tuesday, June 16

Square Enix – 9 AM PDT
Nintendo – 9 AM PDT
PC Gaming Show – 5 PM PDT