What Will Sony Reveal At PlayStation E3 2015?

Sony started to send out invitations to the PlayStation E3 2015 press conference on Wednesday, following announcements from both Nintendo and Microsoft.

It is thought that the three companies will reveal more information about their games release schedule at the conference in mid-June. Widely billed as the most exciting week in video games, commentators are speculating about exactly what Sony will reveal at PlayStation E3, writes Marty Sliva for IGN.

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A huge week for video games

Although Sony has not officially confirmed which games will be featured at the show, it is still possible to make some predictions. After initially introducing the gaming world to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End at E3 2014, and showing off an extended demo at PSX, fans were disappointed to hear that the game had been delayed until 2016. However despite the setback it seems likely that Sony will either open or close PlayStation E3 with its biggest upcoming game.

No Man’s Sky is another game that is still shrouded in mystery, despite some impressive previews which have gamers excited to find out more. Sony could choose to release a demo version at PlayStation E3, announce a release date, or provide more information about the use of the game with the company’s Project Morpheus virtual reality headset.

Sony PlayStation E3: Virtual reality expected to be on the agenda

It is also thought that Sony will spend a fair amount of time discussing Project Morpheus at PlayStation E3. So far the device looks impressive, but it is still missing some games to make the project seem more real. Two good candidates are No Man’s Sky and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, but it may be hard to show off the virtual reality games without letting people use the headset for themselves, and Sony may not be ready to do so just yet.

Other games that are highly likely to be featured either during the Playstation E3 conference or at the Sony booth at the show include: Drawn to Death, God of War III: Remastered, Gran Turismo 7, Hellblade, Ratchet & Clank, Rime, Tearaway Unfolded, Until Dawn, The Witness.

From here we enter the realm of educated guesses, some more likely than others. Seeing as Uncharted 4 has been delayed, Sony may see fit to announce Uncharted Collection for the PS4. Other studios such as Sony Santa Monica are known to be working on the next edition of God of War, and we may see a demo of the new game.

It has also been speculated that the Media Molecule studio could be a good candidate for a partnership with Project Morpheus, and Guerilla Games are rumored to be working on an open-world RPG in which you have to hunt for futuristic dinosaurs. Other rumors include a new Syphon Filter from Sony Bend, which is an interesting proposition.

Concrete details remain thin on the ground

The gaming world has been waiting with bated breath for an announcement on The Last Guardian for the past few years, and there is still hope that Sony may announce some progress on the matter, although most are not holding out for an announcement.

A conspicuous lack of concrete information means that video games enthusiasts are left to speculate on exactly what will be on the agenda at PlayStation E3. For now all that we can be 100% certain of is that the conference will define the landscape of upcoming video games releases from the major console manufacturers.