New Drone Targets Extreme Selfie Fans

New Drone Targets Extreme Selfie Fans
JonasF / Pixabay

Tracking users through a small GPS remote kept in their hand or clothing, Lily knows exactly where they are at all times. A surfer might use the drone to track them as they ride a wave, or a mountain biker to follow them downhill, according to CNN.

Drone follows subject taking photos

“It’s all about getting the shot. Lily takes care of all the flight,” said company co-founder Henry Bradlow, who founded Lily in 2013 with Antoine Balaresque while the pair where studying at Berkeley. The company will be going head-to-head with a number of other consumer drone manufacturers, like DJI, as well as action camera makers such as GoPro, but its founders are hoping that it Lily will prove popular with those who enjoy using selfie sticks and partaking in extreme sports.

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