Yahoo Finance Goes Down For Some

Yahoo Finance went down for some users for more than an hour, according to Twitter posts. There are signs that Yahoo Mail may have been having some problems as well, according to

Yahoo finance down

Problems at Yahoo? did not record any problems with Yahoo Finance, and some members of the ValueWalk team in various parts of the world were able to get onto the site without any problems.

DownRightNow also reported possible problems with Facebook, however, another site we were able to log into from multiple parts of the world. Also there weren’t any complaints on Twitter, which would be lighting up with comments about Facebook being down if it was.

Does anyone care that Yahoo Finance is down?

Although there were some posts complaining about Yahoo Finance being down, there aren’t as many as there are usually for Google and many other websites. At least one Twitter user noted this:


As of this writing, shares of Yahoo were down 2.03% to $43.44 per share. Is it possible investors are starting to think the average internet user cares little for the company’s services. If they’re reading all of these Twitter posts about Yahoo Finance, they could be. Here are some other tweets about Yahoo Finance being down. Seems most people who are complaining are also berating the internet giant in general for its offerings.