Twitter Brings New Homepage For Users Who Aren’t Signed In

Twitter Brings New Homepage For Users Who Aren’t Signed In
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Twitter is a highly popular social network, however, people do not spend as much time on the platform as they do on Facebook. Therefore, the micro-blogging site is consistently making efforts to increase user engagement, and the latest one is a redesigned home page.

Twitter brings “top tweets”

The number of people who do not have proper Twitter accounts but keep following tweets every month is pretty large. Twitter sees this as an excellent opportunity of adding new users and is thinking of ways of turning them into actual users. This is why the company has launched a new homepage for people who have not signed into the service as yet.

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With the redesigned homepage, users will be able to check “top tweets” under various categories without the need to register or sign in. In a blog post Wednesday, Twitter said, “Today, we’re making a big change for the many millions of people who visit every month who don’t log in but still want to know what’s happening.”

The micro-blogging company informed readers that the “top tweets” are taken from “some of the most popular accounts.” Statistics reveals that there are about 500 million monthly visitors to Twitter who have not yet signed up for the service. This new homepage is a dramatic change from the past when logged-out users were directed to a dead page until he/she chose to sign up for an account on Twitter.

More choices for non-users

With the redesigned homepage, now people who aren’t signed in will view a selected and popular collection of timelines that are part of the Twitter-verse. Twitter will be hoping that the new homepage might induce users to create an account as the choices offered are quite lucrative and include pop artists, cute animals, space news, business news, and actors and actresses. With such choices on offer, a user would definitely try to explore, and a simple click on any of the available options will take them to a real-time feed of tweets.

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