Trick Of The Trade: Pouring Liquidity Back Into Fixed Income

Trick Of The Trade: Pouring Liquidity Back Into Fixed Income by Milken Institute


Larry Tabb, Founder and CEO, TABB Group


Constantinos Antoniades, Head of Fixed Income, Liquidnet

Michael Freno, Head, U.S. High Yield Investments Group, Babson Capital Management

Amy Koch, Managing Director and Head of Fixed-Income Trading, Standish

Fred Orlan, Global Head, Fixed Income, Jefferies

Michael Piwowar, Commissioner, Securities and Exchange Commission

The alarm has sounded in the fixed-income markets, with the Bank for International Settlements being the latest major authority to warn about the lack of liquidity. Historically low interest rates, surging bond issuance and shrinking dealer balance sheets all raise the risk that a minor dislocation will cause a panic as sellers overwhelm a thinly traded marketplace. Is this the new normal in fixed-income trading, or are there viable alternatives to the current fixed-income market structure? What effect is electronic trading having on the various types of fixed-income securities? Are sharp price swings like the one experienced in Treasuries in October going to become more common, or was that an isolated incident? This panel will include perspectives from a diverse group of participants sharing their views on what the market holds for issuers, traders and investors.

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