Samsung VP Tips Revolutionary Galaxy Note 5

Samsung VP Tips Revolutionary Galaxy Note 5
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With Samsung having recently released the Galaxy S6, attention will now turn to its Galaxy Note 5 phablet. This will be a particularly important release for Samsung, as the Galaxy Note 4 received an extremely positive reception in 2014. At a time when Samsung was reeling from some criticism and poor financial results, the Galaxy Note 4 very much restored faith and confidence in the corporation when it was critically well received.

In fact, it could be argued that the Galaxy Note 4 was the most advanced mobile device of its type that had been released when it hit the market in 2014. Samsung had learned the lessons from a lukewarm Galaxy S5 release, and ensured that the Galaxy Note 4 was an extremely attractive device physically when it was unveiled. This was a significant departure from the strategy of Samsung previously, which had always been focused on internal performance over external appearance.

Phablets recovery

It is interesting that the Galaxy Note series has become so important for Samsung, as it wasn’t that long ago that phablets appeared to be somewhat on the way out. Of course, the media always tends to exaggerate such tendencies, but there was a strong statistical indication that phablet sales had peaked and were in decline.

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But the release of the iPhone 6 Plus, coupled with the strong reaction which the Galaxy Note 4 garnered, has ensured that the phablet niche is now very much alive again. Apple evidently already has strong plans for an iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung will be looking to build upon the excellent performance of the Galaxy Note 4 when it releases its successor later this year.

When a company of the size of Samsung experiences success with a particular device, it naturally leads the corporation to ask questions about the future of the range as a whole. Sometimes strong results can provoke companies to design and develop a particularly advanced successor, and on other occasions it gives a corporation the opportunity to release little more than an upgrade, in what is a conservative attempt to maximize earnings with minimal outgoings.

It seems that in the short-term at least, Apple is taking the latter strategy with the iPhone series. Although there will be an iPhone Plus phablet in 2015, it looks increasingly inevitable that this will be an upgraded version of the existing iPhone 6. The iPhone 7 is now widely expected to be delayed until 2016, as Apple builds on the vast commercial success of the iPhone 6 with a relatively affordable sequel.

Samsung will doubtless take these reports into consideration with its strategy for the Galaxy Note 5. And the corporation now has to decide whether or not it will simply upgrade the already successful and lauded Galaxy Note 4, or try to produce a truly revolutionary phablet. Both approaches have some merit, but rumours that have come to light recently suggest that Samsung might be looking to blow a future Apple phablet out of the water with the release of the Galaxy Note 5.

Pierce – Galaxy Note 5 to be revolutionary

With the Galaxy Note range becoming increasingly important to Samsung, it has been suggested that the Galaxy Note 5 will feature the same design care and attention as the pair of Galaxy S6 devices which have been released recently.

This has been backed up by comments made by Conor Pierce. The Vice President of Samsung UK’s IT and Mobile Division has been speaking publicly about the upgrade cycle related to Samsung products, and how it might affect the forthcoming Galaxy Note 5. Pierce pointed out that the smartphone market has now become very much an all year round phenomena, and in this sense it is essential for Samsung to have major releases staggered throughout the calendar year.

With the Galaxy S series considered a flagship of the Samsung stable, it would therefore make sense for them to imbue similar status to the Galaxy Note series. This would mean that the Galaxy phablet was treated with the same diligence and seriousness by the corporation as the Galaxy S series. By putting this level of attention and resources into the Galaxy Note 5, Samsung could then claim to have two flagship mobile devices, and this would be hugely beneficial for its attempts to keep up with the Apple juggernaut.

Pierce’s remarks suggest that we will see a revolutionary Galaxy Note 5 when the phablet is released in 2015. According to previous release schedules, this mobile should hit the stores early in the Q4, in time for a Christmas battle with the iPhone series. The iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and 6c are all expected to be released in October of this year, as Apple preprate itself for a major iPhone 7 device in 2016.

Possible features and functions

So we could see some pretty exciting technology included in the Galaxy Note 5. One of the most persistent suggestions about this phablet is that it will feature 4K resolution technology. All fans of mobile devices are primed and waiting for the first mass market 4K resolution device, and numerous smartphones have been linked with this technology in recent months.

With Samsung having placed such an emphasis on screen technology, not least by releasing the first curved screen smartphone with the Galaxy Note Edge last year, it would be natural for the Korean Corporation to open the 4K floodgates. With the Galaxy Note 5 likely to feature a marginally larger screen than its predecessor, it would obviously make sense for Samsung to improve the resolution of this already impressive and acclaimed display.

Samsung fans will be anticipating a Galaxy Note 5 which could feature wireless charging technology, an outstanding professional quality camera, and fantastic battery life. In this already acclaimed series, this could be a truly standout handset.

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