Netflix, Inc. Seeks To Deliver The Same Content Worldwide

Netflix, Inc. Seeks To Deliver The Same Content Worldwide
NFLX Photo by Matt Perreault

Netflix is aiming to standardize its content across the globe, which would in turn eliminate the need for users to use VPNs to access content that might not be available in their countries, says a report from, citing the company’s CEO Reed Hastings. For now, Netflix possesses different deals in different countries, due to which some of the content in one country might not be accessible in other countries.

Piracy a real problem, not VPNs

To date, almost all efforts to block VPNs and piracy services has failed, but the dissolution of international barriers could finally put an end to their use. In this regard, Hastings noted that VPN is not the major issue, stating “The VPN thing is a small little asterisk compared to piracy,” but agreed that piracy is the actual problem all over the world. The CEO also seemed to acknowledge that people are willing to pay subscription fees, and only resort to illegal methods to watch the restricted content that they can’t get in their home country.

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Proxy services and VPNs do not directly affect Netflix, as users must still get a subscription to access the services. Piracy does hurt the company’s finances, similar to the way it does in the television and film industry.

Is Netflix Global viable?

To fix this, Reed suggests that Netflix could go global, thus eliminating the need to employ VPNs. This could take care of the piracy to some extent as the inaccessibility to desired movies/shows is one of the major reasons for the existence of pirated versions. However, to check piracy that arises due to the reluctance of people to pay for watching media online is going to be a difficult task, Hastings noted.

It will be difficult for Netflix to launch a global platform for streaming online as the company will have to convince all the content providers of its plans, said Hastings. This means Netflix Global is a long way from being a reality, and for it to be realized, it will require ground-breaking global licensing deals.

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