Google Works Towards Building A Better Battery

Google X Labs recently started working on an initiative of building better batteries. The current project is led by Dr. Ramesh Bhardwaj and has a goal of creating batteries with improved life for consumer electronics.

Image credit: Carlos Luna via flickr

The research further aims to improve lithium-ion batteries and create solid-state batteries that could change consumption of portable energy. Such batteries feature high energy density and were minimized in the physical aspect. Solid-state batteries are much safer thanks to solid state electrodes.

The current problem of limited battery life

Battery life is often a key deciding factor when consumers shop for smartphones or other portable devices. Although battery technology has significantly improved over the years, and mobile devices tend to operate more efficiently, there is still nothing that makes it truly revolutionary. There are no batteries that will power laptops for two to three days. Google X Research Labs is supposedly creating technologies for batteries, and one of those batteries is a solid state version of thin film.

Just in the last several years, Google ventured forth with many other forms of tech that use batteries, proving it would be a smart move for the tech giant to develop a better battery. It could also help mold the energy source. There are other similar battery technologies that show promise, but none of the others prove anything.

Google: The need for a better battery

It remains unknown just how long it could take for this technology to become adapted to mainstream products. Other companies would have to have faith in the technology and make a strong investment. Google CEO Larry Page previously shared his concerns on current battery life technology and how it concerns the company. There are several reports citing Bhardwaj saying that the search giant currently has about 20 projects based on batteries. One of the most notable projects is the self-driving car.