Apple Watch ‘Edition’ To Be A Hit In China: Analyst

Apple Watch ‘Edition’ To Be A Hit In China: Analyst
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Apple Watch Edition might sell the best in China than anywhere else, as predicted by Cantor Fitzgerald’s analyst Brian White, who shared his optimistic view about the smartwatch’s sales on a CNBC show. The product launched by Apple became available for preorder last week and is available in three variants with the gold one starting at $10,000.

Lead time suggests strong demand in China

Reflecting on his recent trip to China, White claimed that demand for Apple Watch is enormous in the country. Backing his conclusion of strong demand, White noted that the lead times for delivery of smartwatches in China coincide with the June time frame scheduled in the U.S. He also suggested that it would not be startling if the iPhone maker manages “to sell more Apple Watch Editions in China than any place in the world.”

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