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Robert Shiller: The Art Of Investing – Should The Heart Rule The Mind?

Time to profit from the insights of one of the world’s most influential economists. Robert Shiller, Yale University’s Economics Professor and author of the just-published third edition of “Irrational Exuberance”, shared the 2013 Nobel prize in economics for helping to lay the foundations for our current understanding of why asset prices fluctuate as they do. Having long worked at the intersection between economics and the complex psychology of investors, Professor Shiller discusses two distinct strategies that investors adopt – looking at the benefits and disadvantages of statistics-based smart data investing versus the more emotive judgment-based investing. Which strategies work in which circumstances and over what period of time? Further, Professor Shiller looks at what other influences – consciously applied or otherwise – inform investment trends, such as societal issues like growing inequality or fears of technology, that could be driving asset prices.

Robert Shiller

Robert Shiller: The art of investing – should the heart rule the mind?

The Art Of Investing – Should The Heart Rule The Mind?