Apple Drone: What Would It Look Like [Concept]

Apple Drone: What Would It Look Like [Concept]
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Now that Apple Watch has become a reality, and the Cupertino company is rumored to launch Apple TV later this year, fans have started speculating what could be the next product category for the tech giant. One fan from Germany has come up with an amazing concept of an Apple Drone. Graphic designer Eric Huismann’s concept shows what he thinks a quadcopter from the iPhone maker would look like.

Apple Drone with a full 360-degree panorama mode

With the drone, the Cupertino-based tech giant would “usher in the next era,” writes Huismann in German. He imagines the Apple Drone with four legs, each equipped with an iSight camera that can capture 4K videos at 60fps. It is capable of sending real-time HD footage back to your iOS device, which is mounted to a handheld controller to monitor video output while piloting. And then you can share or broadcast it to YouTube or other online platforms.

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The iPhone maker’s iconic logo sits in the middle of a curved body. Huismann’s design is in typical Apple style, giving the drone a very noble look. He also pitches a full 360-degree panorama mode, where it can capture footage from all four cameras simultaneously. Creating a drone isn’t too far-fetched. Huismann says an Apple Drone could be available by next year.

Apple more likely to launch TV or car before drones

But we are more likely to see an Apple TV or an Apple Car before the drone hits the market. At this point, we don’t even know whether Apple would ever launch drones. The concept comes as drones are gaining popularity, at least in the Silicon Valley. Action camera maker GoPro is reportedly developing a line of consumer drones. The product may be unveiled later this year or next year.

Amazon has announced a service called Prime Air to allow drones to deliver goods at your doorstep. Last week, its program was approved by the Federal Aviation Authority with certain restrictions.

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