How To Activate Reader Mode In Chrome For Windows

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Websites these days offer lots of distractions, mostly in the form of annoying ads. But apart from ads, there are also social media buttons, fancy subscribe boxes, attractively placed buttons and much more, which really interferes with our reading pleasure. Google is coming up with a new way to cut out all these distracting elements with the help of a “reading mode” for Chrome.

If you have used Safari, then you know that it comes with a similar feature. In fact, Microsoft is also coming up with such an option for its new Spartan browser, and now Google doesn’t want to be left behind.

This reading mode helps you concentrate on the most important task of a website, which is to give you information in a clear readable manner. So let’s learn how to enable reader mode in Chrome.

Enabling Reader mode in Chrome browser

Step 1: Right-click on Chrome’s icon from your taskbar or desktop and then click on Properties.

Step 2: In the “Target” field, you’ll be able to see the path of Chrome. Just add a space to that path and then type this:


Step 3: Once you have typed this, click on OK. If you are using Google Now or Hangouts in Chrome, then exit Chrome by right clicking on the system tray icon.

That’s all you need to do. Now when you want to use this reader mode (or Distill mode), then launch Chrome, click on the Chrome menu icon at the top right and click on “distill page.”

So go ahead and try it out. In the future, Google might directly add this feature to Chrome without the need to do anything. Tip via François Beaufort.

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