85 Percent iPhone 6 Owners Have Never Used Apple Pay: Survey

It’s been almost six months since the launch of Apple Pay, but its adoption is moving very slowly. According to a survey conducted by market research firm InfoScout in collaboration with PYMNTS, 85% iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners have never used Apple Pay, reports Ruth Reader of VentureBeat. InfoScout revealed the stats at the Innovation Project 2015 conference. The survey involved 1,188 participants over a three-day period.

85 Percent iPhone 6 Owners Have Never Used Apple Pay: Survey

Only 6% iPhone 6 owners use Apple Pay

The survey found that only 6% iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners have used the mobile payment service. Another 9% said they have played around with the service, but either forgot to use it while making a purchase or didn’t know where the technology was accepted. The remaining 85% said they were happy with their current payment methods or they didn’t understand how Apple’s payment service worked.

Despite the recent security concerns about the service, consumers were undeterred by security risks. Most of the survey participants said Apple Pay was easy to use and safe. Though the adoption has been slow, the service is changing consumer behavior, which may force more stores to start accepting Apple Pay. According to the survey, 30% respondents who used Apple Pay said that they based their decision about which store to visit on whether or not those stores accepted Apple Pay.

Apple has to get people to start using it

As the Apple Pay user base grows, it would affect stores that choose not to accept the service. InfoScout CEO Jared Schrieber said the Cupertino company has “built a product that works.” The challenge before Apple is to get people to start using it. Consumers are conditioned to use their credit cards while making purchases.

The payment service has expanded its presence to well over 700,000 locations, and Apple is trying to get more merchants onboard. According to a survey by Boston Retail Partners, more than 38% U.S. retailers will start accepting Apple Pay by the end of 2015. You have to have consumers with the latest iPhone 6 and merchants with the right hardware in order to make Apple Pay work.

Apple shares inched up 0.18% to $128.65 in pre-market trading Thursday.