iPhone 6C Concept Adds Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor

iPhone 6C Concept Adds Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor
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A new artist rendering of what the iPhone 6C might look like suggests a very shiny back cover

Speculations that this year will bring the iPhone 6C are starting to heat up, and now we have a new artist rendering of what the low-end iPhone could look like if Apple chooses to refresh it. The company hasn’t updated its cheapest handset since launching the iPhone 5C in 2013 because it released the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

What will the iPhone 6C look like?

So will Apple refresh its low-end iPhone this year? It really depends on how successful sales of the iPhone 5C were. Of course Apple doesn’t say how many of each model it sells, so it’s unclear just how well the company did with the plastic-backed iPhone 5C.

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At any rate, artists are now starting to imagine what the iPhone 6C might look like if Apple chooses to update it this year. The new concept for the low-end iPhone was spotted at 3D Future. Reports suggests that Apple did very well with sales of the iPhone 5C.

A shiny iPhone 6C

The iPhone 6C concept shows a shinier and more vibrant color. It includes a bit of color around the Home button, and the artist said the concept features the Touch ID sensor Apple included in the iPhone 5S and newer. It seems a little unlikely that the Touch ID would make it into the cheaper iPhone this soon, but hey, anything’s possible I suppose. Just consider how many generations it took for the Retina display to make it into the less expensive iPad Mini, so maybe the artist is right.

Reid points out that 3D Future’s renderings of the potential iPhone 6C look a little bit like Nokia’s and Microsoft’s Lumia, and I certainly see the resemblance as well.

So will Apple really refresh the cheap iPhone and release an iPhone 6C this year? Remember, the iPhone 5C was little more than an iPhone 5 with a plastic back. We could argue all day on whether or not Apple needed to even bother with the iPhone 5C and then carry that debate forward to the iPhone 6C. But let’s not. Of course there is the possibility that Apple will launch that rumored 4-inch iPhone 6 under the iPhone 6C name.


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