How Will Samsung Galaxy S6 Improve Galaxy S5?

How Will Samsung Galaxy S6 Improve Galaxy S5?
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The Galaxy S6 is a massive smartphone release for Samsung in a variety of ways. Firstly, it is an important time for the Korean manufacturer, as its recent financial results have been pretty disappointing. After initially being bullish about its prospects during 2014, Samsung had to make a pretty large climb down, admitting that its sales have been much worse than expected, and even that its recent mobile devices have been lacking in innovation and sufficient response to technological and market evolution.

Secondly, the Galaxy S5 was not exactly a roaring success. It would perhaps be harsh to describe the previous iteration of the Galaxy S series as a flop, but the Wall Street Journal reported in November 2014 that the device had sold roughly 40 percent less units than Samsung had anticipated.

In this context there is a lot of pressure on Samsung to produce something outstanding with the Galaxy S6. Despite rumors that it could debut at least in some form of preview at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, it appears that Samsung still has the Mobile World Congress earmarked for the unveiling of this smartphone. But what can we expect to see when the curtains are finally drawn on this product? Here is how the Galaxy S6 may differ from its Galaxy S5 cousin.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy S5

Curved screen

It looks increasingly likely that Samsung will include its trademark curved screen technology in this latest flagship smartphone. This was predicted quite some time ago, particularly after it produced its first mobile device with a curved screen when it released the Galaxy Note 4. However, since then this trend in the marketplace has moved on considerably, and more smartphones featuring curved designs were exhibited at CES 2015. Additionally, there are even rumors that Apple will embrace the technology in the next generation of iPhones, and with this in mind it seems almost certain that Samsung will create a curved screen device for the Galaxy S6.

The design of the Galaxy S5 also didn’t particularly impress, and Samsung may be inclined to produce a fully metallic build this time round. The plastic finish of the galaxy S5 was particularly poorly received, and this may induce Samsung to make radical changes with the Galaxy S6.

In accordance with these expectations, images purported to be picturing the Galaxy S6 featuring a metal chassis have been leaked in recent days.


The Super AMOLED technology included in Samsung’s mobile range is extremely popular and well regarded, but the HD resolution of the Galaxy S5 display is not exactly dated, but something that Samsung will be looking to improve upon. Analysts believe that this will be a QHD device, featuring a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It is perhaps too much to expect this to be Samsung’s first 4K smartphone, but do expect an increase in display resolution.


Samsung makes it a huge priority in all of its mobile releases to have an exceptional list of specifications, and the Galaxy S6 will be no exception to this rule. It is always important for Samsung to pack its devices with spec, as it is competing with Apple, which prides itself on producing its own iOS proprietarily software. Therefore, given that the Galaxy S6 will be reliant on Google’s Android operating system, it needs to be an ultra-powerful device.

It probably wouldn’t be wise for Samsung to gamble or experiment too much in this department, so we can expect the Korean consumer electronics giant to follow the current trends with regard to software. It has been a habit of the manufacturer to fit its devices with different processes for differing geographical locations, and this is set to continue again with the Galaxy S6. Exynos chips will probably be at the centre of the Galaxy S6 in Asian marketplaces, while a Snapdragon 810 64-bit octa-core processor will probably drive the model intended for western markets.


There is also going to be an onus on Samsung to significantly improve the storage capacity of this forthcoming handset. It has already been mooted that Apple will release the first ever 256GB iPhone when the iPhone 7 hits the stores, but given that the Galaxy S6 is the obvious rival to the iPhone series there will be an expectation on Samsung to deliver at least one model of its flagship smartphone with a similar storage spec.


Samsung has continually impressed with the battery life of its devices, and it is likely that the corporation will once again increase the battery size of the Galaxy S6 in line with this perception. It is interesting to note that a demonstration at the recent CES conference involved a Samsung smartphone, and purported to charge it from scratch to its full capacity within a matter of minutes.

Obviously, this is not likely to impact upon the Galaxy S6, as the amount of time leading up to the release of the device is too small, but it is certainly something to bear in mind for the future. The manufacturers of this technology are already talking to major mobile brands, and it is certain given Samsung’s emphasis on strong battery life that it will be among them.

For the time being, expect new power saving functionality in Android and a stronger battery in the Galaxy S6.


When the Galaxy S5 was released, Samsung insisted on emphasizing the qualities of the camera included within the device. Thus, the 16-megapixel sensor included in the Galaxy S5 was certainly impressive. But the Korean company will upgrade this for the forthcoming Galaxy S6, particularly as there are already murmurings that Apple will be hugely improving the camera in the iPhone 7.

Samsung has always attempted to produce devices that both produced outstanding image quality but that also deliver user-friendly functionality, and this will doubtless remain a focus of the Galaxy S6. But we could see one of the most powerful camera lenses ever to be included in a smartphone, expected to be around 21-megapixels.

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  1. This is the first product of the famous Galaxy S line to use metal frame and unibody design with the chassis is 6.8mm thin. All create an impressive appearance for the S6. Two sides of the S6 are equipped with toughened Gorilla Glass 4 anti- fingerprint coating. There is nothing S5 can you see on this phone apart from the 4 corners rounded body.

  2. every swag f@g and his mom wants the iphone because its a fashion accessory not just a phone. you dont look like a baller thumbing through your galaxy s5 while ignoring everyone at the party. but what really gets the ladies interested is when you play angry birds on your flashy gold trimmed iphone all night.

  3. Some how the S5 is lacking, life is funny! Screen wars started with apple yet there prenium very expensive iphone 6 is the only prenium phone on the market that dosent have a full hd screen, actually its the lowest grade on a prenium you will find, Samsung just slap an apple sticker on the back and you can sell the public anything Inferior yet be applauded!

  4. my brother was actually mentioning his scanner doesn’t work very well, he returned it for an iPhone 6 plus. kind of shocked cause all he ever did was brag on how much android is so much better than ios. been seeing that a lot lately. hopefully the s6 will do well.

  5. Finger print sensor works perfect, maybe you don’t realize it’s the home button? You can swipe up or down and register every finger. As lone as a finger is near my home button, my phone unlocKS

  6. We LOVE our gs5, I feel like I live in a different world when I hear people saying they don’t like it. My wife switched from iphone 5s to gs5 and said it’s the best and sexieSt phone she ever owned. We will be getting the gs6 as long as it has kids mode, better selfie camera, water proofing, and all the other awesome software samsung offers. I tried a nexus and hated the software, samsung makes my favorite phone and ibe owned 4 iphones.

  7. I’ve been swimming with my s5 for 4 months, never had a problem. The noise issue you had is just water getting in the speajer5, it dties after a day and you did kill your phone by opening it, not sure why you thought that was a good idea. Love my s5 and I get a new phone every 3 months so I’m not bias or stuck with it. Water proof, dust proof and near break proof. I’ve got the draco case and have dropped this every week since I got it. People ask me all the time if that’s the new iPhone, nope just my awesome gs5. Hope the gs5 has the same proofing and better selfie camera and sexier look. I also owned the s4 and the gs5 was a huge improvement.

  8. Some people do not know this, Apple gets the 64 bit processors from samsung and the camaras from sony
    and just to let you know apple just change the size of the iphone to take some of the market from samsung.
    Who imitate who

  9. I am from South India…Kerala.
    Samsung generally didn’t show ethical and responsible approach to its customers.They believe in promotion of products by advertisement and propagation…..LG s G2 and G3 or HTC M 8one are more innovative and user-friendly than S4 and S5.
    More over that .LG and Sonny are shown more interest on customer satisfaction through its service and customer care.

  10. Galaxy S5 would not recommend to nobody mine developed a cracked screen over 4 days at no time did I damage,drop,hit,abuse the phone I could have claimed it on insurance but decided to send to Samsung because I believed it was a manufacturing fault, to then have Samsung Australia say it was physical damage on my part,only after I pushed it to our fair trading dept was the screen replaced.
    Now as for water resistant what a crock of bull samsung spins in their advertising people around a pool phone gets wet no problem , no way I did the same had the phone around the pool kids wet the phone I picked up answering a call and Zappo it made noises, I then dried the phone and opened the back cover and water had tracked in from the left side of the back cover, I took it to Samsung and again they said the obvious water damage like what do these guys think im a dumbass?
    The flimsy back cover does not clip on correctly it should snap in all the places that the instructions that are displayed upon booting up the phone show mine snapped everywhere but the left side of the cover hence the water damage , Samsung are re assessing the claim if they don’t accept I will take it further because an IP rating should not be given to this phone where the IP rating can be easily affected by many factors IP rating should have a mechanical device in place to not be that easy to tamper the rating.

  11. the S4 in one critical way was actually worse than the S3…the s3 supported some brilliant filters in the camera in the pre processing stage ie warm vintage, cold vintage and selective colouring …these have since disappeared in future phones.

  12. The S5 isn’t too big, I had a Xperia Z2 and man that thing was huge. The sizes are quite similar but the z2 was heavier as well and had a feel I didn’t like.

  13. Even though it’s all speculation at this point I feel that samsung s6 will Prolly not be plastic. Seems they are trying to slowly move away from that to give the phone a premium feel as the I phone gives consumers.

  14. Critics complain about the Samsung Galaxy S5 but Consumer Reports, which tested about 30 smartphones side-by-side for this month’s issue, rated the S5 the #1 smartphone, using such criteria as screen and camera technology, storage, design and functionality, and overall value. And in fact the next 2 spots were also taken by Samsung smartphones. Critics on these blogs–not necessarily the writer above, but in general–love to nitpick about Samsung for one simple reason: it competes with Apple. By the same token, they overrate phones like the LG G3, because LG with only 3% of the market will never be a competitive threat to Apple. Why is Consumer Reports more accurate and fair than online blogs? Consumer Reports operates according to a set standard and uses teams of product technicians to evaluate products, while gadget blogs give individual writers more latitude to evaluate products in the way that they feel. So you get one person’s opinion–which they are entitled to, but you want accuracy, not opinions.

  15. Just get it a noch above the Nexus 6 specs but keep the size down to 5 – 5.2 inches and no more. No need for higher resolution. It is irrelevant. Get it out sooner. That’s it.

  16. As far as we know this is just 100% rumors, correct? Samsung can still flip the switch and completely change everything… which I hope they do. Sounds like just an “upgrade” that we seen from an S3 to an S4 which wasn’t any spectacular at all.

  17. Increasingly it’s everything but the kitchen sink; when will this madness stop?! Actually as a Note 3 user my sympathies are obvious but it does seem to be approaching the edge of what’s desirable or needed in a portable computing device. Sammy needs to concentrate on improving/getting rid of TW, that’s where people actually interface with their phones and stopping carriers from adding whatever they want….just saying, it would be a good start. All these phones are already spec’d out enough imo.

  18. WHAT. more gimmicks is going to sell smartphones? . . . . The resolution drains graphics battery usage, and is beyond human capabilities already, Samsung is still stuck on it’s abilities to make a 64 bit processor that is efficient, and a camera beyond 16 MB ?
    For what? Specs only? Big deal . . . . Samsung needs to learn how to innovate not imitate, and not load up their product with
    9 gigabytes for an OS . . . . . .
    And working on that fingerprint sensor feature of theirs that STILL does not work could help as well . ..

  19. S5 was too damn big that why it didn’t sell. I didn’t buy an iPhone until the I6, because it was too small. They finally made the iPhone in the size it should have been all along. With that said, I only bought one, because my android phone crapped out after 4.5 years, and I couldn’t wait any longer for the new S6 to come out in a potentially smaller format. They are going to need to offer the S6 in the same size as the I6 if they are going to compete. Anything larger would just compete with the Note. I still don’t quite get the purpose of the Alpha line….??

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