Marissa Mayer: Can She Strike A Safari Search Deal With Apple Inc.?

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is targeting one of the big deals that will be expiring and open for competition in the technology industry this year.

Google is the default search engine for Safari, the web browser of Apple. The agreement between the tech giants on the service is set to expire.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Bing serves as the default search engine for Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant and knowledge navigator application on Apple’s iOS operating system.

Marissa Mayer thinks Apple will ditch Google

Will Marissa Mayer be able to steal the deal away from Google?  Given the situation, Microsoft is in an advantage position to strike a deal with Apple.

There are rumors in the Silicon Valley that Marissa Mayer is fairly confident that she can strike a deal with Apple for Yahoo to become the default search engine for Safari, according to Jay Yarow of Business Insider, Business Insider.

The report indicated that Marissa Mayer believes that Apple and Yahoo would be great partners, and the iPhone maker will end its partnership with Google.

During the recent earnings conference call of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer discussed Safari, a sign that she is targeting a deal with Apple.

Safari users are the most engaged and lucrative

When asked about the possibility for Yahoo to become the default search engine for Safari, Marissa Mayer declined to comment of potential partnerships. However, she emphasized the reasons why she wants Yahoo to succeed in reaching an agreement with Apple.

According to her, Safari users are the most engaged and lucrative worldwide. She emphasized that the Yahoo team worked closely with Mozilla to provide an experience designed and suitable for users. “We welcome the opportunity with any other partner to do the same, particularly one with Apple’s volume and end user base,” said Marissa Mayer.

Last year, she expressed her commitment to developing search technology. According to her, Yahoo is “long on search” because it is about curiosity, which will never end.

Safari is important because of its dominance in mobile. Based on data from Netmarketshare, Safari has 44% market share in mobile and tablets compared with 40% share of Android and Chrome.

Morgan Stanley previously estimated that Google is paying $1 billion annually to Apple to become the default search engine for iPhone. That means Yahoo should be willing to pay the same amount or more to be able to steal the search deal from Google.

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