Hostages Taken In 2 Standoffs, 2 Dead In Porte de Vincennes

Hostages Taken In 2 Standoffs, 2 Dead In Porte de Vincennes

France continues to be the scene of bloodbaths with more violence reported today in Porte de Vincennes and a second location near a French airport. At least two standoffs are going on right now, and gunmen in both incidents are reported to have taken hostages.

Details on the Porte de Vincennes hostage situation

According to Bloomberg, which cites Agence France-Press, one incident is happening at a Jewish grocery store called Hyper Cacher not far from Porte de Vincennes. Various media sources are reporting that at least two of the hostages in that incident are dead. Some report that as many as six people are being held hostage in the Porte de Vincennes grocery store.

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According to Reuters, the hostage situation has been described as a “shootout,” and that report indicates one person was wounded. However, it is unclear whether the person who was wounded is the suspect, a victim or a police officer.

Various media outlets report that only one gunman is involved in the Porte de Vincennes hostage situation and that there is a link with Thursday’s fatal shooting of a police officer. France Info cites several police sources who reportedly said the suspect in this hostage situation matches the description of the person suspected of killing the officer on Thursday.

Details on the Charlie Hebdo suspects’ incident

The other hostage situation is at a printing house not far from Charles de Gaulle Airport, according to multiple media sources.  The two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo massacre who are still at large are believed to be the ones holed up inside the printing house. Twelve people died and several others were injured in the bloodbath at the satirical French magazine’s headquarters on Wednesday.

French police are reportedly speaking with the two men on the phone, and they are quoted as saying they “want to be martyrs.” Media outlets are reporting that the suspects have at least one hostage. Police evacuated a nearby school after the suspects agreed to allow the children to depart the area safely.

It’s unclear whether there is a link between the standoff that’s happening in Porte de Vincennes and the standoff involving the Charlie Hebdo suspects.

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