Blackstone, Evercore Top Investment Bank Rankings For Pride

It smells like team spirit at The Blackstone Group and Goldman Sachs, which apparently have the proudest employees of all the top investment banks, according to a recent survey. The folks at Wall Street Oasis have put together several rankings of investment banks after analyzing data and comments from their employees.

To come up with their rankings, they analyzed data on all 5,000 companies that are in their database and thousands of rankings from Wall Street Oasis members. Today they’ve released their rankings in the areas of pride and prestige.

Which investment banks have “prestige and pride”?

In terms of having the proudest employees, The Blackstone Group won with a near-perfect score of 99.9. Goldman Sachs was hot on Blackstone’s heels with a score of 99.6, just barely edging out the third place firm, which is Evercore with a score of 99.5.

Harris Williams & Co. was further behind in fourth place with a score of 99, while Rothschild came in fifth place with  score of 98.5.

Which investment banks would workers recommend to friends?

Evercore topped the list of investment banks its workers would recommend as a good place to work to friends. Interestingly, Evercore’s name has popped up at the top of several of these ranking lists from Wall Street Oasis. The firm’s score was nearly perfect at 99.9.

In second place was Blackstone group, which was nipping at Evercore’s heels with a score of 99.8. Harris Williams & Co. was in third place with a score of 99.4, while fourth place went to Goldman Sachs, which lagged further behind with a score of 98.3. William Blair was in fifth place with a score of 98.2.

Next week Wall Street Oasis plans to release its rankings on work / life balance, vacation days, and the number of hours the average employee at the investment banks works each week.

Here’s a look at the full rankings lists. Infographic is courtesy Wall Street Oasis.

Best Investment Banks - Prestige


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