Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air Leaked In Photo

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook Air Leaked In Photo
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Apple’s purported 12-inch MacBook may be getting a design overhaul. According to Mark Gurman for 9-to-5 Mac, the Cupertino-based tech giant plans to unveil a brand new MacBook Air.

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It’s rumored this version will feature a thinner body, lighter design, and a display with higher resolution. The company’s sources offered an in-depth look at the rumored computer and a few exclusive artists renditions provide a glimpse of what we can expect. A 12-inch MacBook will be quite a bit smaller than the 13-inch version. It will also be a little narrower and a little bit taller than the 11-inch MacBook.

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A new look for MacBook Air

The entire unibody of the MacBook was also revamped. The revamp includes the keyboard, trackpad, and speakers. The new look takes cues from the 12-inch Powerbook first introduced by the late Steve Jobs over a decade ago. The purported MacBook’s keyboard sits edge to edge across laptop’s width. Each key was also redesigned to sit noticably together.

Apple 12-inch MacBook Air 1

Apple to cut the number of ports on 12-inch Air

Gurman added, “The upcoming 12-inch Air has the fewest amount of ports ever on an Apple computer, as can be seen in the rendition above. On the left side is a standard headphone jack and dual-microphones for input and noise-canceling. On the right side is solely the new USB Type-C port. Yes, Apple is currently planning to ditch standard USB ports, the SD Card slot, and even its Thunderbolt and MagSafe charging standards on this new notebook. We must note that Apple tests several designs of upcoming products, so Apple may choose to ultimately release a new Air that does include the legacy components, though there is very little space on the edges for them.”

The Type-C connector is smaller and more capable than standard USB cables. This connector will replace Thunderbolt Display Port found on current Apple laptops. USB Type-C has the technology for drive display.

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  1. The argument was that the USB Type C would be used for charging but to not have lightning and to only have one port is nuts and as you stated, just a concept of someone who has no direct access to information about the new macbook air.

  2. Ummm in reading the original article where this was posted, this was a rendering done for 9 to 5. So this isn’t a leak of anything official at all. This is just conjecture about what a product might look like…which means fucking nothing.

  3. I believe it’s quite radical to remove the USB ports. I already had to spend over $100 when they changed the USB size on the iPhone family!! Not to mention, I had to use detoxmymac(dot)org just to make it run like new again after several months of use and now this?

  4. Artist rendition, not actual Apple leak… Well to start, Apple is pushing lighting in all their products, so not including one is unthinkable. USB Type C is way to early in development to be included (specially as the only port) on this laptop, just remember how long we had to wait for apple to support USB 3.0…

    Also as mentioned before, there is no charging port, unless the artist hopes that the laptop will use the USB Type C port to charge it (USB Type C has that capability and can be used to power up and charge the battery) which will leave the user without any expansion option while the battery is charging.

  5. I have an SD drive in my mac mini and macbook that I rarely use.

    I guess if you need it that bad, you can buy a $5 sd reader.

    Then again, those pictures are just artist rendition of what the artist thinks it might look like; Not the actual product.

  6. This is the worst product I have ever seen, where is the charging port? I don’t want wifi charging. What about the sd card reader for my camera? Nope not going to work at all.

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