Thank You To All Our Readers And Happy Holidays

Thank You To All Our Readers And Happy Holidays

We want to thank our regular and new readers for making 2014 by far the most successful year ever – in terms of traffic, quality of traffic, partnerships, revenue, income, 2014 smashed every single record. We hope and believe that 2015 will be even better!

We just launched a new site design, launched a free no ad version of the site, and are launching more features in the coming months and year. We also have gone on a campaign to improve our investor resources and have been updating our value investor profile pages on a regular basis. We plan to update all the pages and add more in the coming weeks. For 2015, we plan to focus a bit more on being a better investor/improving your process since while news is exciting – becoming a better investor is what matters in the end of the day.

Jim Chanos Unveils Lastest Short As Fund Manager Bets On Further Market Declines

Data 1639507577Jim Chanos has a new short target in his sights. Earlier this week, the hedge fund manager disclosed that he is betting against "legacy" data centers that face growing competition from the trio of technology giants, which have previously been their biggest customers. The fund manager, who is best known for his winning bet against Read More

Before, I end off and wish happy holidays I wanted to make a small request of our readers. We have traffic from every major financial institution – and we are very fortunate to have readers who send us material like unpublished letters from Benjamin Graham, letters from top value hedge funds etc. We take privacy extremely seriously and while we are happy with our loyal readers – we could always use more help. We are always looking for more interesting content and would greatly appreciate any readers who can help us. This helps us provide readers with the best coverage possible and focus more of our attention on topics our core readers will enjoy.

Please feel free to contact us at info(@) if you think you have material which would be of interest to readers. Please note everything is 100% confidential and we will not publish anything without the permission of a contact. We not only make sure to protect our sources but also to repay to the best of our ability – i.e. if we can help with finding a job at a new fund. If you prefer secure communication, contact me jacob(@) (or other method if you prefer) – using my public PGP here.

Thanks again for a wonderful 2014 and we look forward to an even better 2015 here.


Happy Holidays,

Jacob and the ValueWalk Team

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