BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program Now Includes Rapid Mobile

BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program Now Includes Rapid Mobile
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) Enterprise Partner Program has been officially includes Rapid Mobile at the Platinum Tier, according to a December 1st press release. Rapid Mobile has been designing applications for business and enterprise use for almost 25 years.

BlackBerry recommended

Rapid Mobile commented today that it is privileged to join the program as a BlackBerry Platinum Enterprise Partner, and is looking forward to a continued partnership.

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The firm is involved in some highly regulated areas of business and government, and also offers consulting services on matters including legal, financial, government and other areas of regulation and governance. BlackBerry has made its BlackBerry 10 smartphones compliant with government and other regulated environments that require high-level of control over devices.

“We recommend BlackBerry where granular control over device features is required, especially if you have corporate-only use or application management policies,” said Rapid Mobile.

Rapid Mobile assists in meeting policy and security requirements, including CESG compliance and offering mobiles in strictly controlled environments such as financial services.

Rapid Mobile is an expert on CESG compliance for BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows phones. The company offers solutions on all key issues related to CESG compliance including controlling data in transit and data at rest, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and consumerization, cold-boot attacks, security policy enforcement, and so forth.

BES 12 a complete solution

BlackBerry 10 smartphones, along with BlackBerry Enterprise 12 (BES 12), offer a device management solution ideal for government and regulated environments with their regulated-level enterprise mobility management. The Canadian smartphone maker is recognized as a secure, regulation-ready platform, offering devices as well as a management solution that abides by the strictest security and audit requirements.

BlackBerry has launched BES 12 as an advanced generation platform that allows organizations to develop and manage enterprise-grade applications that can be ported to BlackBerry smartphones and other mobile devices. BES 12 can also be accessed by BES 10 and BES 5 users. BES 12 users will be able to use a single large and secure platform to manage the entire mobile estate.

In pre-market trading today, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) shares were down 0.48%, at $10.34 while year to date shares are up almost 40%.

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