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Facebook Groups App Now Available on Android, iOS Devices

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) rolled out a new standalone app dedicated for its 700 million members who frequently use groups to keep in touch with family and friends and collaborate of various projects.

Facebook Groups app

According to the social network giant, the Facebook Groups app enables people to share information easier and faster with all the groups in their life.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said users will see all Facebook Groups in one place when they open the app. All the groups they used frequently will be on the top of the list and users can easily move between each group.

The social network giant said the Facebook Groups app is available for Android and iOS devices starting today. Its users can also create new groups within the app, discover groups and set separate notifications.

Facebook Groups is different from Messenger

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said the Facebook Groups app is different from Messenger because users can still access it through the main Facebook app and desktop. During a recent Q&A, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated the value of standalone experiences and emphasized the need for increased engagement.

At the time, Zuckerberg said, “We saw that all of the messaging apps that people were using, and they relied on the most were these dedicated and focused experience.”

Facebook Groups app is simple

Shirley Sun, a product manager at Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) said the Facebook Groups app was developed by the Creative Labs of the social network. It was created specifically for those who are already active in various groups, which is a rapidly growing demographic for the company.

Last month, the company disclosed that the number of people using groups increased from 500 million to 700 million.

According to Sun, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) intentionally designed the Facebook Groups app “really simple.” She said, “We want it to be very familiar to the current Facebook experience.”

Since January, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) launched several new apps for specific purposes such as Paper, a news reading app and Slingshot, ephemereal messaging service. The social network giant also introduced Rooms, an app designed to allow users chat anonymously.