Facebook Inc Updates Slingshot With New Features

Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB)’s Slingshot app, which is said to be the answer to ephemeral chat app Snapchat, has gotten its first update, and with it come new features that have been added to the app. One of the remarkable new features is the Reactions to Reactions feature, which enables the app’s users to post their reply or reaction to a reaction in the form of an image, video or text.

Facebook Inc Updates Slingshot With New Features

More user-friendly updates from Facebook

On Thursday, the social networking giant made an announcement regarding the update on its official Slingshot blog, saying, “Today we’re excited to announce that reactions to reactions are here! Starting today, you can reply to any reaction with a photo, video or text.”

The update also makes it easier for users to find friends who use the Slingshot app with the help of a new feature called My People. Now there is a separate section in which all sling contacts are listed. To make this app more reliable, it has been updated, making it easier and quicker for Slingshot users to search for friends and phone contacts on Facebook.

Slingshot differs from others

What makes this app different is that to use it, people do not need to compulsorily have a Facebook account. The app or the service requires users to register with the help of their mobile phone numbers. Once registered, users can easily connect and share images and videos with their friends in their phone contact list and also with Facebook friends. The images and videos shared by users through this app disappear soon after they are viewed. Once the receiver has viewed the photo or video received through the app, it disappears, addressing the growing concerns of privacy.

Facebook launched Slingshot to compete with Snapchat. This app was initially made available on the Malaysian App Store, and after that, it was made available for download on the Android and iOS platforms exclusively for U.S.-based users. The company made it available globally by the end of June. This app is compatible with devices that run on iOS 7 or higher versions and Android-based devices with Jelly Bean or higher.