BlackBerry Ltd Declined Due To Its Encryption: Former NSA Attorney

BlackBerry Ltd Declined Due To Its Encryption: Former NSA Attorney
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) lost market share in the last few years because of its secure products that could not be cracked, said a former top lawyer to the NSA, who was speaking to audience in Ireland this week. Stewart Baker served as the NSA general counsel from 1992 to 1994.

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Different theory on BlackBerry decline

Those who deal with confidential data typically prefer Blackberry over other unsecured devices and use its propriety messaging program to send messages within a closed group over an encrypted protocol.

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Although companies such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) are making efforts to make their phones more secure, Baker turned the tables by saying that BlackBerry lost a lot of market share because of its high security. The theory from Stewart Baker, the former general counsel at the National Security Agency (NSA) says that BlackBerry wasn’t just the victim of fierce competition coming from the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Android phones running Google’s innovative operating system. He says that by encrypting user data, Blackberry limited its business in countries that demand oversight of communication data, such as India, China, Russia and others.

Apple and Google also warned

Baker also warned other companies to reconsider before offering any high-security devices to consumers. Baker told the Guardian, BlackBerry pioneered the same business model that Google and Apple are doing now.” He added that the strategy did not work well for Blackberry after few years, and by doing so the company curtailed its own ability to sell.

According to a report from RT, both Apple and Google are working to make their devices more secure, but the intelligence agencies are arguing that it will contain their ability of cracking down on the terrorism and other crimes.

Baker believe that the efforts made by Apple and Google to offer a secure smartphone are misguided. He said that technology companies are doing big things to keep a safe distance from NSA, which looks good for their image, but is not in the best interests of national security.

Apparently the inalienable rights given to all citizens by the U.S. constitution mean nothing to totally blindered zealots like Baker. He’s willing to throw those precious rights away in a futile witch hunt for terrorists he creates with his own greedy and short-sighted foreign policy. True Americans have to stand up to this ridiculous scaremongering and protect themselves from the police state Baker and his colleagues are trying to create.

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  1. I don’t know you devvv but I do think you are a bit contentious with comments… I think embracing love is the way to live, I wish you well and focused energy to work through your challenges.

    Peace DevvvvMon!

  2. I know rocmon, I have tried writing several letters to Blackberry asking for three months of working with them, to show a complete new focus but it appears they think the Passport is going to return them to their glory. I am currently applying for a patent for a unrelated device pertaining to smartphones. My patent attorney say start with simple but lucrative product designs. He said it would be the cheapest for him to prepare a submission to the patent office. After proceeds from that we will work on the smartphone hardware. Due to Blackberry’s untrusting ways, they will be refused any licensing for this product design. Apple will be granted the rights, and all of you BB loyalists will kicking yourselves for your bashing and trolling of my intent to help Blackberry. Thanks for you comment rocmon, you are about the only one that showed a little interests, have a good weekend dude.

  3. Well, I had great hope in your very long comment until you mentioned an annoying other dude… kinda makes your comment somewhat pedestrian.

  4. Blackberry phones were designed with security in mind and have features for companies that are unparalleled on iOS or Android phones. Our group left one major bank and moved to another. Within an hour, user owned Blackberries that were connected to the departing bank’s systems were all wiped clean. There was nothing you could do to stop it. The result? Any proprietary bank related data on the phone was gone. Good for companies. You might argue not so great for the end user. But that’s what security is.
    Everything on the BlackBerry network is not only encrypted but also compressed. May as well do both at the same time. This was initiated in large part due to old CDMA packet networks where bandwidth was at a premium. Therefore BlackBerry phones use a lot less data than iPhone or Android.
    The phones themselves have multiple firewalls within the operating system. Some of this is user authenticated, on BlackBerry Balance (work / personal) you could download a malicious app on the personal side even intentionally, and the work data is still secure.
    What is the point of all of this? Well Mr. NSA quoted in the article knows all of this. I’m sure they could find a way to hack a BlackBerry… but it would take physical access to the phone and probably some way of embedding hardware into the phone. Hard to modify someone’s phone without them noticing – not much room in there, they arent built on breadboards. Try brute forcing the password on a BlackBerry… 10 tries and you have a factory phone completely wiped.
    The NSA guy does have one correct point though. Regimes that want access to monitor user data and dont provide privacy rights hate the things, which would have reduced sales. It is quite the stretch, however, to link the lack of BlackBerry sales in the worlds biggest G20 markets to the refusal of despotic backward regimes without privacy rights.
    Unless, of course, the NSA / CIA had something to do with BlackBerry’s slump because they wouldn’t cave to NSA/CIA requests. What about that strange BlackBerry systems outage three or four years ago? Could have that been an attempted hack? I dont know.
    My guess is this NSA guy knows more than he is letting on, for him to even discuss BB strikes me as weird.
    And this DEVVV guy is getting really annoying. I see him all over every BB post on sites from here to New Zealand. Guy doesn’t like BlackBerry phones. Whatever, dont buy one, dont use one. Stop reading about them. Its almost like a sadistic obsession. He must learn about what he doesn’t like in excruciating detail. If your an Android fan go bash Apple. If your an Apple fan go bash Android. Or go back to your Motorola Analog Brick phone if you think that’s better and microwave your brain. I dont care I’m just tired of seeing you on every comment thread of every site of every article where BlackBerry is mentioned with nothing useful to say. Apparently you own a Playbook. I do too and I like it. Try getting a BlackBerry phone bridging it and using that to send your texts, maybe you’ll learn to like BB. In the meantime, buzz off.

  5. EFF is a non-profit organization funded by Apple founder and current Apple shareholder Steve Wozniak. Of course the report is going to have a favorable bias towards Apple and slam all other mainstream messaging platforms.

  6. Devvv, you are a complete tool. Nobody takes your comments seriously. You are thought of by everyone that reads your retarded comments as an absolute clown. I used to find you somewhat amusing, like comedy kind of amusing. Now you’re just completely annoying. Just thought I’d tell you what we’re all thinking. Thanks clown boy, maybe go troll some where else.

  7. IMessage is nothing but one big man in the middle attack. Encryption means nothing if your endpoints can be rooted/jailbroken. Plus, with all the crazy “national security” laws, American-made= insecure almost by definition. Sad.

  8. They only wanted Blackberry for them selves. They could not snoop on people with Blackberries. They them selves want people to have iPhones and android so they could snoop on them easily. Thats what its about.

  9. john if you are interested in seeing Blackberry survive, you should be supporting me, not John Chen. When I first saw John Chen I did think hmmm maybe he could be the one. But when I saw the Passport design and talk about returning to the roots of the company, sorry but that’s when the alarms went off. Why are you so against in Blackberry trying something new. Blackberry continuing on the same path and focus they are currently on, spells disaster. john I am not on Apples side, the reason Chen said we are not in competition with Apple is because he doesn’t believe its possible to compete. I believe regaining popularity over Apple is very possible but not with the Passport or the Classic. John try to have a little faith in others. Even though you hate me and wish me dead, I still love you john as a fellow human being.

  10. You are like a virus, present in all articles bashing Blackberry, obviously you have no job besides making a few dollars from Apple for bashing Blackberry. Do you also do suckie suckie for cook?

  11. johns19, but Blackberry loyalist that defame Apple are not trolls, is that what your saying? Why don’t you start being fair and stop taking sides John. I don’t hear you calling a Apple basher a troll, why aren’t you John? And I don’t get paid for saying anything on here, this is what you call constructive criticism, too bad you and Blackberry is too blinded to realise it.

  12. I was going to say Baker is an idiot, but i already see arron fu beat me to it. What’s next Baker, will people stop driving Volvo’s because they are too SAFE?

  13. A digital rights group known as Electronic Frontier Foundation, studied a number of mobile messaging systems and graded them. EFF checked out apps that numbered more than three dozen according to their safety and security, AppleInsider stated in a statement from the findings, BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY)’s messaging systems not only fell short of EFF’s expectations but also ranked below Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). That development complicates the picture for BlackBerry considering that the company has been recently touting itself as a provider of secure communication platforms. This is what I have been trying to say for quite sometime now but everyone thinks I’m crazy. My intent is not to defame Blackberry, but offer constructive criticism

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