Tesla Motors Inc Set To Sell 50,000th Model S This Month

Tesla Motors Inc Set To Sell 50,000th Model S This Month
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model S looks all set to sell its 50,000th Model S by the end of October, notes a report from Hybrid Cars. Just a few days back, the EV manufacturer announced a new quickest to 0-60 version of the Model S, and one of these superfast models might well be No. 50,000.

Journey to the 50,000 mark

Based on various reports and company’s quarterly shareholders letters through June, it is noted that the company shipped 46,928 Model S through September. It is also expected that Tesla will ship 51,300 plus units before November 1, although there could be some deviation in the actual number.

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In the third-quarter of 2012, the Palo Alto-based EV manufacturer sold 200 Model S units due to its stringent production quality control, and sold 2,450 in its next full quarter. Over the next three quarters, the company sold around 5,000 units and around 6,000 units, and approximately 7,600 units in the second quarter of this year.

The Elon Musk-led company does not report quarterly sales, so estimates are based on the quarterly statements where the company reveals deliveries. Through June, the company confirmed the delivery of 39,128 Model S vehicles, and has yet to deliver a report on the third-quarter 2014 sales for July, August and September.

Tesla story nothing less than remarkable

Tesla is expecting to sell around 7,800 units in the third-quarter, which will bring the total number to 46,928 by the end of September. In January of this year, there were reports that Model S sales crossed 25,000 mark, and reaching the 50,000 mark in just few months is certainly remarkable.

The numbers are telling an enticing story of how Tesla has grown its market and generated interest to sprint ahead of the far cheaper Nissan Leaf. While the Leaf took two years and two months from December 2010 through mid- February 2013 to pass 50,000 in sales globally, the Model S priced four times higher than the Leaf will achieve the same target in just one additional month.

The Tesla Model S has been around for two years, three months as it was launched on July 22, 2012. The car costs $72,000-$133,000 depending on the configuration.

It is quite possible that Tesla might have actually crossed the 50,000 mark in October, but if this had been the case, we probably would have gotten some hint from the company’s talkative CEO.

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