Is World War 3 Already Underway?

Is World War 3 Already Underway?
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If World War 3 is here or coming soon, which country should be blamed for it? There are all sorts of theories floating around right now. Some blame Russia, while others blame Ukraine or Syria. Still others think the U.S. should shoulder the blame if the current global tensions escalate into an all-out war.

But it’s still a little early to be playing the blame game. And besides, war is sometimes like marriage—it takes two (or more) to tangle.

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Ukraine demands aid

On Thursday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress before meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry and then President Barack Obama. He asked for help in arming the Ukrainian army so they could better battle the Russian forces that are assisting the pro-Russia rebels in his country.

According to CNN, the U.S. pledged non-lethal aid in the form of night vision goggles, helmets, body armor and vehicles. Poroshenko said he was “fully satisfied” with the aid and that they received more than they asked for.

The Senate Foreign Relations panel unanimously voted to push forward an aid package that would give even more to Ukraine. Lawmakers want to contribute weapons and additional equipment, although the move hasn’t yet gained White House support.

Ukraine warns of a return to nuclear weapons

Ukraine’s defense minister threatened to fire up their nuclear weapons program again. Russia has already test-fired an ICBM missile to demonstrate its military power. Russian state TV also threatened the U.S. with a nuclear strike, although just theoretically at this point, saying that Moscow was capable of reducing the U.S. to radioactive ash.”

Moscow wants NATO allies to exit the crisis and stop backing Ukraine. But at this point it seems unlikely, as some journalists have said that World War 3 is already underway because of the battles between Russian and Ukrainian troops. Pope Francis also made comments this week which suggest that World War Threehas already started and is being “fought with piecemeal, with crimes, massacres, destruction.”

U.S. blamed by some for World War 3

According to Reuters (via the Inquisitr), some experts think the U.S. could force World War 3 because of its first strike policy regarding nuclear weapons. They also suggest that the U.S. is strong-arming other countries into agreement

Global Network Against Weapons in Space spokesperson Bruce Gagnon reportedly told Reuters that the U.S. Space Command is already planning to strike Russia with nuclear weapons. He also claims that the U.S. is planning to strike China in 2016.

Can World War 3 be avoided?

Meanwhile NATO officials are apparently considering how they can stop World War 3. In fact, Center for Strategic and International Studies spokesperson Kathleen Hicks thinks it could begin accidentally through “miscalculation.”

U.S. Naval College Professor Nikolas Gvosdev has reportedly drawn comparisons between today’s tensions in Ukraine and the beginning of World War 1. He said World War 3 could begin “through unintended consequences” and that “an economically interdependent world does not necessarily stop it from happening.”

Syria diverts some attention from Ukraine

But the Ukraine crisis isn’t the only hotbed for war right now. CNN reports that the White House and U.S. lawmakers have been considering ways to keep ISIS from taking over more of Syria and Iraq. The issue has apparently diverted their attention from the situation in Ukraine.

It also creates a second front upon which World War 3 could be ignited.

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  1. World war 3 is already on the go ISIS the worst thing since the Nazis will end up fighting this lot and Islam for years and years this will never go away and the involvement of the whole world I doubt that any country will not be or have to be involved in this conflict.Also by Europe taking the migrants for where ever will only add to the problems.If you could ask everyone and I mean everyone I do not think that anybody would want’s not that I have been thinking about it I don’t want them our country does not need them we should not have to take them we have people here we should be putting first not these people. They are a stick to break our back with.Ship them all back to wherever and let them get on with it.

  2. Correction “100 years of hegemon”… The progressive era (socialist, communist, liberal, progressive or whatever they call themselves now: anonymouse guest maybe) of the last 100 years has brought is to this state. The treasury(Federal Reserve) did not exist from the signing of the constitution until the beginning of the 20th century. Anything that tries to destroy the time of post constitution is rhetoric.

    Oh and one more thing; all wars are economic, always have been. China will not align itself with Russia, Syria and Iran for those very economic reasons.

  3. my biggest concern is being able to get a job and feed my kids, while the rich keep looking for places to spend money they don’t have, and continue to subvert the peoples attention by keeping them distracted with poverty and racism, through the manipulation of the political militant force they call the police to enforce political agenda’s of oppression through ignorance. By denying equal education and employment to the average people. Public education for the children of America is a disappointment without the money for private education a child has no advantage but to lick the boot’s of those who manipulate the dollar and destroy the family inside out. By the destruction of the value for life itself and family values. Not even religion is safe from the sin of greed and pride as even the golden rule is outlawed from being taught to our children. So am I worried about WW3? Not as much as I am worried about world war tomorrow in America. The reality of food and the need to eat and stay warm.

  4. One clear difference between WW1&2 and WW3 is that much of the public fails to connect the dots on their own and are led to believe that there is no connection between ongoing conflicts and events. Rather than being brought into the fold like in WW1 and WW2 (bonds, draft, rations ect.), the US public’s job in this widespread and multifaceted conflict is to spend funny money, consume and not know what’s going on. My fear is of who grabs control while the public is tuned out.. In the end, probably an Islamic strongman.

  5. I have to side with you because I don’t think we are ready or anyone is ready for it so yes I side with you. How old are you? You seem smart.

  6. “But it’s still a little early to be playing the blame game. And besides, war is sometimes like marriage—it takes two (or more) to tangle.” This is not really true when a country invades another under false pretenses. USA is the aggressor in WW3 they are just too brainwashed to know it yet.

  7. america fucked up iraq, afganistan along with countless other countries so you are delluded if you think they have any human decency. America created most of these problems and are taking the whole world into needless wars. Armed isis nice one America fuck yeah!!

  8. OStupido is another pro KGB thug and murderer Putin boot licker. Russia and China could care less that children, women and non combatant men are being beheaded, raped and slaughtered like sheep by the most evil men alive today. Making like Russia, a totalitarian dictatorship saturated in human blood is some sort of Utopian government on Earth is asinine at best. Obama is saving real people’s lives. Putin could care less, his drunken grave robbing filth in Ukraine continues to follow his orders and create more human misery in a country that is not theirs. The Kurds and the Iraqis are begging the only goddamn country with any human decency America to help them rid the land of these psychotic murderers. The dollar has been predicted to die for decades, only complete idiots like ChamberlainDumbass try to deny the obvious human suffering and Obama’s attempt to stamp out this evil. The US dollar will survive the scumbag Russian and Chinese trade in oil, in fact America will be the PREMIER oil producer very soon thanks to the Bakken Formation. The Russian economy and her peasant slave population has never known Freedom. China is a polluted wasteland of technological thieves, try again stupid. The day Putin forgets which military is the most powerful in Human History will see Moscow a glass parking lot, deny the Truth all you want it will change nothing.

  9. This is about the US defending the petrodollar and the Federal Reserve which is under direct attack from Russia, Iran, China. Not least because the US is saturated in trillions worth of debt whilst suffering a severe shortage of markets, energy and resources. Same applies to Europe which is hanging by a thread. Europe’s position is even worse. We’ve seen the true state of the West post 2008 collapse and collapse is accelerating.

    We know Russia is trading oil for gold with Iran, we know they just signed the mother of energy deals with China, we know Russia controls the supply of energy to both Ukraine and Europe, we know winter is rapidly approaching, this puts Russia in a very strong position.

    Key battlegrounds are the Ukraine which Russia seems to be controlling now via stealth force after being orginally challenged with the overthrow of a Russian friendly democratically elected Govt. Control the Ukraine and you control energy, supply routes and the gateway to Eurasia. You also control supplies and routes of vast quantities of energy to Europe essentially isolating the US after bringing Europe to heel. Russia is winning in this regard and is seen as a massive strategic victory.

    Syria is where the other key battle ground is being fought and it seems the US has the upper hand. Orginally the plan was to out take Assad out direct, you’ll remember the threats made of “intervention” last year with the accusation of chemical weapons used, that was until Russia, Iran, China and Assad himself protested loudly shutting that route down completely.

    The US then decided stealth was a better option, wouldn’t surprise me if they encouraged or provided fertile grounds for the creation/funding of ISIL in order to destabilize Syria and to weaken Assad. Classic “divide and conquer” tactics. ISIL was also let loose in Iraq to destroy/weaken the pro-Shia Govt loyal to Iran who are seen as a strategic threat for reasons I’ve already mentioned above. Never forget that Syria’s strategically vital to Russia where it maintains its only warm water port for access to markets and for its military, Tartus.

    For a superpower to be a superpower, it can in no way be landlocked therefore Russia MUST maintain control over Syria and its Tartus base. The Iranians also have their stratetgic reasons why they wish to maintain infuence in Syria. Syria also acts as an energy supply route and strategic corridor in the ME.
    You’ll see both Russia, Iran increasingly issue hostile statements in what they see is a stealth invasion using ISIL as pretext. It will be interesting to see what transpires in Syria and how both Assad, Russia, Iran responds.

    What we’re witnessing now is “stealth forces” inserted into theatre that are plausibly deniable by both superpowers entering sovereign territories for control of territory, resources, markets. We’ve seen it with Russia in the Ukraine/Crimea (little green men) We’re seeing it with the US in Syria, Iraq (advisors, personal security contractors/special forces etc.)

    My bet is both Russian troops and US troops will meet on the Syrian battlefield. Both sides will deny contact, blame the other whilst they trigger an overt WW3.

    You’ll also remember that Russia is increasing its incursions near US/Alaskan/European territories. Fighter jets are increasingly being scrambled as a result. Whilst this is nothing new, there’s a massive escalation in recent months. Russia is challenging what it perceives to be a weak US and they’re sending aggressive signals.

    This cold war is about to turn hot for the remaining global resources and those other predators know America is weak post 2008.

  10. like you said i think the world will wait just a few more years for all these crises to intensify. as of now there are still too many wild card countries to nitpick allies yet. plus in 2017 is when ethiopia is completing some dam which will threaten egypt’s existence, but benefit north sudan (which is linking powergrids with ethiopia). ethiopia and sudan are allies of china and russia, egypt as well, except its also an ally of israel.

  11. It does appear the actors are taking their places. I think historians will look closely on the fall of Iraq in 2003 as a major precursor to conflagration (as well as the crash of 2007). Like the past 2 World Wars, insurmountable economic debt, expanding need for resources, alliances, and nationalism are fueling the marching band toward this crescendo. I do think, however, the proxies will continue for some time out of convenience.

    Like the boiling pot of the Balkans goes the Middle East and the invasion of Poland goes Ukraine. We have seen this play before.

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