Why Samsung Needs Galaxy S6 At This Point To Stand Out

Why Samsung Needs Galaxy S6 At This Point To Stand Out

Besides Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) (OTCMKTS:SSNLF) is the only major smartphone vendor that remains profitable despite fierce competition in the market. BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TO:BB.TO) is still struggling, even as John Chen’s impressive efforts to revive the company. Motorola keeps bleeding money, though it continues to make awesome devices. Sony (NYSE:SNE) is losing billions of dollars every year. HTC will consider itself fortunate if it breaks even. LG Electronics is doing OK.

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What’s Samsung’s response to the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6?

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Samsung announced two phablets, Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Edge earlier this month. But there is no word on when these devices will hit the stores. However, the Korean giant needs something more, maybe Galaxy S6, to reassert itself as the king of Android smartphones. Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have arrived and consumers are loving them. Demand is so strong that Apple was forced to push the delivery date to November.

The new Moto X is exceptional, too. Of course, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, expected to be available for sale next month, looks promising. It has impressive features with the “best display ever.” But its fast-moving rivals have made Samsung’s offerings look disjointed and inadequate. Does Samsung have an answer to the iPhone 6 ahead of the crucial holiday season? There is no obvious answer. Note 4 may match up against Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. But phablets from either company are unlikely to be their best-selling devices.


At this point, the most promising Samsung device appears to be the 4.7-inch Galaxy Alpha with metal casing. It may spoil the regular iPhone 6 party. It is one of the most good-looking smartphones Samsung has ever made. But Samsung has compromised on many features of Galaxy Alpha. For instance, its battery is just 65% of Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, which has the same screen size. It lacks microSD expansion and waterproofing of the Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 can record videos at 240fps, but Galaxy Alpha can’t.

Should Samsung shift its annual upgrade cycle

What’s Samsung’s response to the iPhone 6? Only a series of sharp-tongued ads targeting the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? The Korean company should do something more substantial, probably a new device sporting the beautifully-crafted design of the Galaxy Alpha and impressive features of Note 4. And yes, the company would be better off shifting its upgrade cycle.

Every year, Samsung introduces its new flagship Galaxy S phones in March, and it goes on sale in April or May. But most smartphones and other electronic goods are sold during November-December holiday shopping season.

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  1. what does a 4k tv have to do with anything? lol. go google a 4k picture and see the res difference on your 1080p or less screen. typical apple fan tho. its useless until apple does it 2 years later!

  2. The hardware on Android phones IS typically better. I was just pointing out that the overall experience is a combination of the hardware and the software running on that hardware. Apple really does a phenomenal job with the end experience and they do it with less powerful hardware for sure. At the end of the day I’d argue the end experience is what matters not so much the specs. It’s kind of like automobile specs, one car might have a more powerful motor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its faster.

    I work on mobile apps for a living so I have all of the iOS devices and many of the top Android devices (Galaxy Note 3, HTC One, Moto X) so I’m pretty comfortable on both platforms. Android devices are unquestionable capable phones.

    I defend Android phones when people say they are junk. The truth is neither are junk and these are the best phones the history of the world has ever seen, so it’s really not a bad time to be a consumer.

  3. You are just looking backward. This is real innovation with a new standard at 4k. Believe me, tomorrow you will look for an appliance/gadget that can do 4k. It’s the new standard and Samsung does that and the rest of the features….always.

  4. What a reverse logic? Fingerprint scanner works fine on iPhone without issues and 64 bits is another path that innovation will thread in couple of years. But wait, don’t tell me your samsung phone is now relegated to a status of TV’s remote control

  5. That’s actually a very good argument, and I can respect that you actually have examples to back your point. I would still argue that more ram, faster processors & bigger screens = better hardware, but to each their own I guess. Like when Ford did away with the 5.0 Mustang evolve and claimed the 4.6 was actually just as powerful… but then a few yrs later brought back the original 5.0 because truthfully bigger = better. And you are correct that Android leaves apps running in the background, which will def suck battery, but a quick 2 sec hold of the home button will allow you to close those background processes (a feature which apple also copied in {I believe} in iOS 6). The one point I will give you is that bigger isn’t necessarily beget when it comes to the camera- the iPhone has always had a great camera, and to your point my wife’s iPhone 5 8mp actually takes better shots than my LG g2 ‘s 13mp camera. She loves iOS because literally all she is interested in with her phone is talk, text, camera and social media apps… and if that’s all you need in a smartphone then nobody does it better than apple. I prefer a fully functional, fully customizable, multitasking multi-media device that will do everything from check email to scroll through Facebook to change the channel on my cable box & control the volume on my surround sound… And the only OS that can do all that is Android. So maybe one really isn’t better than the other, it’s just a matter of what’s better for you.

  6. Ah yes, the marquee advancements of a fingerprint scanner that took all of 24 hrs to hack and a 64 bit graphics chip that is utterly useless on a mobile OS. congrats on those, btw- I’ll stick with being able to use my phone’s infrared sensor as a TV remote, a heart rate monitor to make my workouts more efficient and having an advanced equalizer for my music app… You know, USEFUL stuff like that. Don’t worry you’ll have those features in a cpl yrs too, that’s about the norm for Apple users.

  7. well, since every bgr article ever written has done nothing but promote the iPhone & denounce Android… that may be a reliable source. Lol ???? ????

  8. Finger print scanner and 64 bits were 2years behind? I can’t stop but wondering how deep you were as regards technology and innovation

  9. Heaven couldn’t disagree that samsung 64bits was a sharp response to Apple A7. Talking of bigger screen, i guess Apple has been doing bigger screen with ipad since 2010

  10. There is an advantage that the iPhones have over the Android phones. They are easier to use. Grandma, Grandpa, the kids, and the technically challenged can use them with no problem in the closed system. That is the plus to Apple. The Android phones give the user the responsibility to use the system the way they want. Most people are technically challenged in the US so it’s only logical to go to Apple if you can afford it.

  11. Jason, the hardware in Android phones is indeed impressive. Unfortunately that hardware advantage is needed to power through the poorly optimized Android operating system, is spec’ed higher for the sake of tricking people that a bigger number is better, or doesn’t result in Android users actually using smart phone features.

    I’ll give examples.

    1. Android phones tend to have more RAM than iPhones. This often leads to a simple Android phones have more memory, a bigger number is better analysis. Android doesn’t suspend apps in the back ground where as Apple only allows a hand full of types of background uses (GPS nav, music playing, voip, etc), all other apps are suspended and removed from memory.

    The result? Android phones with lots of software are often lagging and experience awful battery life. This usually forces Android users to begin looking for the spyware apps sucking their enjoyment from their devices and that extra RAM is used with Apps that have no legitimate background purpose (other than spying on the phone owner).

    2. Android screens have higher resolution. When Apple introduced the retina display it leap frogged the industry finally producing a screen where the pixels could not be seen by the human eye at a normal viewing distance. Since then Android has been touting higher resolution screens? Why, well definitely not because they look better, once you get past what the human eye can perceive the pixels are wasted. It’s done to force consumers into a direct comparison with the implication that a bigger number is better. However in this case bigger is not better. Once you surpass the human eyes ability to see pixels adding more just uses more memory and battery to power the video matrix with zero benefit to the user. There’s nothing wrong with Android screens, they look great, they just don’t look any better than the iPhones yet you paid for that extra tech up front in cost and with worse battery life every day.

    3. Cameras and Megapixels. The iPhone has a very good camera on it. It’s actually the worlds most popular camera. Photos on photo sharing sites are overwhelmingly taken with iPhones. Why is that? Most Android devices have higher megapixel cameras. The answer, Megapixels is but one of several technical specs that make a camera a good camera. Megapixels help by allowing you to zoom in on pictures. They do not however help with color accuracy, low light performance, focus or overall photo sharpness. The quality of photos on most Android phones is pretty awful. I’m not sure if this is the reason Android users don’t upload them or if its because Android users in general use fewer ‘smart phone’ features than iPhone users, but this is another area where Android users buy into the bigger is better comparisons and buy a phone that is less useful.

    The arguments that Android users are ‘power’ users has been debunked for quite some time. iOS users buy more apps, do more mobile payments, spend more time in apps, take more photos, and send more mobile messages than people who buy Android phones.

    I’ll let you decide if it’s because Android users don’t want to or if they just find the experience less satisfying but those are the facts.

    This is why Android has such an advantage on the low end. If you really don’t need smart phone features, getting a perfectly capable phone that can support light duty ‘smart’ phone usage Android is your best bet. Just don’t get caught up buying way too much phone with specs that are meaningless as I point out above.

    Apple users don’t buy the phones for the logo on the back, they buy them because they get satisfaction out of using the capabilities of a smart phone.

    I will say this though, Android is better if you like finding pirated and stolen digital content. It is definitely a good device for stealing from others.

  12. No roginator, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. Samsung doesn’t outsell Apple because of having so many “low end” devices. I’m talking flagship vs. flagship (Apples to Apples, so to speak lol) the Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 5, and the S4 outsold the 5s… just like the S5 will outsell the 6 and the Note 4 will far outsell the 6+. Not because it’s more affordable, not because of better marketing, but simply because it’s a technologically better device all the way around; and because with the exception of a handful of fanboys & idiot teenagers who see it as a status symbol, decerning consumers have caught on to Apple’s racket of simply copying Android and throwing their logo on it for the sheep to line up for. If you like iOS and all the constraints that come along with it then to each their own i guess. Personally I’d rather spend my money on a device whose technology is innovative rather than 2 yrs behind, that i can use as I want, rather than how the company that makes it requires me to… so I’ll stick to Android.

  13. oh noes! samsung can’t record videos at 240fps. what a piece of junk. lol talk about a useless feature. oh but samsung can do 4k but the iphone can’t. how easy was it to overlook that

  14. I agree. Samsung long ago realized the vulnerability was on the low end. The top of the line Samsung phones are good enough if you are inclined to like Android you’ll be happy with them. But there answer all along has been to chase from the low end.

  15. Apple’s real threat is on the low end. The Moto G for example is a lot of phone for $180 and at that price point no Apple phone can touch it. The high end is a different story. In the price is irrelevant category Apple handily beats anything from Samsung for power, style, and overall experience. Sure it’s great for Samsung to have a flagship to go ‘toe-to-toe’ with Apple, but the secret truth is that Samsung outsells Apple because of the low end phones, premium buyers prefer the iPhone, but Android is set to dominate volume because there are some really incredible phones out there powered by Android that cost very little money.

  16. why does Samsung have to “have an answer to the iPhone 6”, exactly? Especially considering that the iPhone 6 & 6+ are nothing more than Apple’s answer (that took more than 2 yrs to design) to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 & Note 2… do you really think it’s a coincidence that Samsung has been outselling Apple since 2012, and their new devices are practically carbon copies of Samsung’s 2012 models, from screen size to internal specs (it comes with a Galaxy wallpaper for goodness sakes!)? Not sure how much Apple paid you to keep their hype train rolling, but if anyone is playing catch up in the mobile game, it’s them… definitely not Samsung.

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