iOS 8: How To Free Up Enough Space To Install It

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has released its newest iOS 8 mobile operating system. It promises to bring a lot of new features such as HealthKit, HomeKit, Apple Pay, Continuity, option to install a new keyboard, family sharing, and more. However, users seem to be frustrated. They have taken it to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to express their anger and frustration.

The biggest thing worrying users is that it requires a lot of storage space. According to Greg Keizer of ComputerWorld, the iOS 8 powered just 7.3% of all iOS devices in the first 24 hours of launch. That’s a much slower adaption compared to 18.2% for iOS 7 last year. Users have complained that the 1.1GB download requires well over 5.8GB of storage space.

iOS 8 is worth the update

Remember, the Cupertino company didn’t make the iOS 8 so big just for the sake of making it big. The company has introduced a bunch of new features that that make the update worth it. So, how can you free up sufficient space to install the iOS 8? Well, you have got two options. One, delete those blurred photos and videos you have watched or shift some of the important data to the cloud. Don’t worry, you’ll get a good deal of this storage space back once the installation is complete.

Check what apps are occupying the most storage space by tapping on Settings > General > Usage. You can delete TV shows or movies. Or simply the apps that take up too much space. Note that things you haven’t backed up will be deleted permanently. But the content you’ve purchased from iTunes can be downloaded again at any point, without having to pay again. A good way is to back up your data, and then download and install the iOS 8. Once the new OS is installed, your storage will get back to normal, allowing you to restore your stuff.

Download iOS 8 through iTunes

The second way is to connect your iPhone or iPad with your computer (Mac or Windows) and download iTunes. To make sure it’s the latest version, go to iTunes > Check on PC, or Help > Check on Mac. Next, tap on the Summary tab and then “Check for Update.” With a little patience and an Internet connection, you can download and install the iOS 8.

Apple shares fell 0.25% to $101.54 at 1:20 PM EDT on Friday.

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