Twitter Give Users More Power, Opens Analytics Dashboard To All

Twitter Give Users More Power, Opens Analytics Dashboard To All

Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) launched a nifty analytics board in July, which is more or less similar to Google Analytics for tweets, that allowed tracking the performance of each and every tweet sent, number of users who viewed it and who actually hit the link. However, this feature was only limited to the advertisers and verified users, but now the new analytics dashboard is open to everyone on Twitter.

Real intention of Twitter unknown

Twitter Inc’s intention behind opening the app for all is not known yet. The app serves a good purpose to those brand and individuals who want to gain greater access to the audience. It is more of a business tool, which would make it sparsely popular among the normal Twitter folks, who consume more content rather than contributing to it.

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Analytic tool can be useful for serious tweeters such as journalists, politicians, celebrities and other public figures, who are looking to convey to a greater audience. The tool will help to track the popularity of their particular tweet and find a reason why it did not gain more views, which in turn will assist in analyzing and improving the performance and engagement.

The news was revealed by Twitter engineer Ian Chan wrote, who said in a tweet, “Absolutely thrilled to open up access to to EVERYONE.”

Would eventually help users

Although Twitter analytics dashboard is quite informative about the number of times a user has sent the tweet, number of interactions and tweet’s engagement rate, there are few drawbacks such as there is no way to skim the most engaging tweets of the users. Those who want to use dashboard should have an account atleast 14 days old, and currently is available tweets in English, French, Japanese or Spanish.

User needs to login with their credentials at the Twitter Analytics page and then start tweeting, thereafter refreshing the page. After the tweet is shown on the system, user can check on an individual tweet by clicking it to see individual statistics.

Previously, non-advertisers had to depend upon the third-party for all twitter metrics.  Twitter has taken an interesting step by launching a front facing product. It is to be seen if the company brings the analytics in its mobile apps too.

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