BlackBerry Ltd Gets Endorsement From David Cameron

BlackBerry Ltd Gets Endorsement From David Cameron
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Blackberry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) may have lost significant market share in the consumer segment. But it remains the favorite of those who want productivity, strong security along with connectivity. As the ailing Canadian company attempts to gain a foothold in the enterprise market, nothing could have been better than a glowing review from the British prime minister David Cameron.

Cameron can run the country by his BlackBerry

Cameron is leaving for Cornwall for yet another holiday tomorrow, just days after returning from a 10-day break in Portugal. He is holidaying as is country is being dragged closer to a strong military action in Iraq to counter the Islamic State. In a media interview, Cameron said he could run the government using his BlackBerry device. Cameron is a long-time BlackBerry user. He told reporters that he is always close to his BlackBerry, and will have no trouble running the government affairs from his smartphone.

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The Waterloo-based company used his statement as an opportunity. It published a blog post showing off how world leaders rely on BlackBerry to stay in control of their jobs. Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, U.S. president Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, they all use BlackBerry devices. Merkel switched to BlackBerry after reports that the U.S. government spied on her Nokia phone.

BlackBerry remains a favorite of government officials

Security is BlackBerry’s USP. The John Chen-led company recently acquired Secusmart to beef up the security of mobile devices. Secusmart has a super-strong anti-eavesdropping technology. Notably, the British prime minister has already banned Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s iPads from Cabinet meetings as it could be vulnerable to bugging by foreign intelligence agencies.

Recently, Australian intelligence officials confiscated the iPhone of Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop after they found that the phone was hacked during negotiations related to the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, which was shot down in Ukraine last month. Now, BlackBerry is gearing up to launch its weird-looking, highly secure and enterprise-focused smartphone Passport in October. The device is creating a buzz in the market.

BlackBerry shares jumped 3.67% to $1021 at 11:19 AM EDT on Wednesday.

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  2. It’s great to see that all G20 Leaders use BlackBerry 10. With four new devices coming out this fall, BlackBerry should be extremely proud of weathering the storm. It’s also great to see all the awards that they have been given. They deserve it.

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