BlackBerry Ltd 2014 Roadmap: Something For Everyone

BlackBerry Ltd 2014 Roadmap: Something For Everyone

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) has planned big in 2014 by targeting Affordable, Classic, Innovative, and Prestige audiences with its range of smartphones. Recently, N4BB released a roadmap revealing most of what’s happening in the remainder of 2014, and products in the pipeline for BlackBerry.

A busy year in sight

The beleaguered smartphone maker is looking forward to release “Windmere” Passport, and the BlackBerry “Khan” p’9983 almost at the same time in the third-quarter of 2014. The company is, also, expected to launch OS 10.3 and the new Blend software for the users to use BBM, emails, calendar, and more on your computer or tablet.

BlackBerry is offering every model in order to cater specific audience. The company would release Passport in the innovative category, the features of which are designed for the business executives. Blackberry Classic, also known as BlackBerry 9720 is a classic phone from the company, and would be a fit for those using physical BlackBerry QWERTY. Classic would also suite enterprise customers for a fleet renewal.

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High-end Porsche Design P’9983 is for the elites, targeting rich and famous. Porsche would be priced at $2000 and is for those who can afford to pay a hefty amount. Then for affordable segment, there is BlackBerry Z3.

Towards the end of fourth-quarter BlackBerry is expected to launch updated OS 10.3.1 in its BlackBerry Q20 Classic and current “in life” devices, which might include devices like the Z10, Z30, Q10, Q5, and Z3.

BlackBerry to cater all segments

Earlier N4BB confirmed that there would be no high-end touch screen device from BlackBerry this year. The Canadian smartphone maker is trying to cater to the four needs of the active user base, which would mean higher receptiveness, as well as profits, and even marginal increase in the user base.

The company has not yet revealed BlackBerry “Q20” Classic or the BlackBerry “Manitoba” Z3 release date in 2014. It might be possible that both the gadgets could be launched in 2015. Year 2014 has been full of action for BlackBerry, and the success of the company depends upon the success of the device in the pipeline.

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