iPhone 6 Sapphire Displays May Be Made By Solar

iPhone 6 Sapphire Displays May Be Made By Solar
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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been enhancing its green initiatives for some time, and now there’s a report that it could use solar power to make the sapphire displays for the iPhone 6. The Guardian reports that Apple is looking to a solar manufacturing facility in Arizona to make the displays.

Apple’s plans for Arizona

So far Apple has remained mum on exactly what it is planning for the manufacturing facility it outfitted for solar power in Arizona. However, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer publicly lauded the company and its decision to relocate some of its efforts there while also using geothermal and solar power to make its devices.

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Apple has rapidly been switching its data centers over to renewable energy. Lisa Jackson, once the top administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, is now heading up Apple’s efforts to go green. She said they’re aware that nearly 70% of their carbon footprint is within their supply chain. As a result, she said they are “actively working” on the facilities they already have in the U.S.

iPhone 6 displays made of sapphire?

The rumors about sapphire screens for the iPhone 6 just won’t quit. This report makes it seem even more likely that Apple might be planning such extensive use for the crystal. Last year the company struck a deal with sapphire manufacturer GT Advanced Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:GTAT) to invest in its facilities and gain access to its sapphire crystal to use for its own purposes. Currently Apple only uses sapphire as covers for the Touch ID sensor in its iPhone 5S, so there have been speculations about what the company will do with so much sapphire crystal. iPhone 6 displays made from the material seem to make sense.

Recently a couple of videos that show what’s supposed to be the iPhone 6 display standing up to a lot of abuse. Experts have said that if it really is the real display, it could be made out of sapphire crystal or even a blend of sapphire and glass. Sapphire is one of the hardest materials in existence, so making a display of sapphire or a sapphire blend could solve the biggest complaints many users have regarding the iPhone, which is displays that crack fairly easily.

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