Facebook Threats Lead To Teen Arrest


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has once again found itself at the center of an investigation involving threatening comments made over the social network. KWTX is reporting today that a 13-year-old girl started threatening the town of Splendora, Tex. and everyone in it. She reportedly said that she would kill everyone who lives there on Sunday.

Facebook Threats Lead To Teen Arrest

Girl allegedly posts threats on Facebook

The girl posted one of the messages on Facebook using an alias and a false picture. Officials said that post bullied a boy who is currently recovering from cancer. On Friday, she allegedly posted a threat that stated she would “kill everybody in Splendora on July 13th.” Nothing happened on Sunday, according to local media. Other posts from the account were reportedly threats against area children, like one that read, “Go die with [name removed for privacy].”

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Facebook was apparently hesitant to provide authorities with any information. The Houston Chronicle is reporting that the social network didn’t think their request was urgent or that they should provide the information immediately. However, investors said that on Saturday night, the social network turned over contact information regarding the account that posted the threats.  Officials said they tracked down the girl in a house in northwestern Harris County, Texas.

Girl charged with terroristic threatening

The girl reportedly attends school in Splendora, and she had been staying with relatives. Officials charged her with terroristic threatening, which is a third degree felony.

County constables said they understand that teenagers often “use poor judgment and make mistakes” but that they have to take seriously threats like the ones she allegedly posted on Facebook. They took the girl to a juvenile detention facility.

Facebook threats become commonplace

Facebook threats are becoming an increasing problem for law enforcement. Last month, the Supreme Court said it will hear a case involving a man who allegedly threatened his wife and others over the social network. Anthony Elonis reportedly posted on Facebook that he was considering killing his wife and others. The FBI began investigating after he posted those threats.

The Supreme Court will decide whether Elonis’ arrest violates his freedom of speech. He said he had no intention of carrying out the threat and that making the posts helped him in a therapeutic way. Elonis was convicted under a state law regarding threatening communications made “in interstate or foreign commerce.”

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