Facebook Inc (FB) COO Sandberg, 6 Directors Shuffle Shares

The great sell-off of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) stock by insiders continues, with Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg unloading some more stock in a transaction dated June 18, 2014. The other Facebook insiders who moved around some of the company’s stock this week are: directors Donald Graham; Reed Hastings; Marc Andreessen; Peter Thiel; Erskine Bowles; and Susan Desmond-Hellman; Chief Technology Officer Michael Schroepfer; and Chief Product Officer Christopher Cox.

Facebook Inc (FB) COO Sandberg, 6 Directors Shuffle Shares

Sheryl Sandberg sells more stock

In a regulatory filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) COO Sheryl Sandberg said she sold around 283,000 shares of Class A stock. She sold about 236,600 of those at around $64.48 each and the rest at around $65.49 each. After those transactions, she was left with nearly 7.6 million shares of Facebook Class A shares under her direct ownership and nearly 1.7 million additional shares which she owns indirectly through trusts.

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Facebook directors acquire RSUs, execs sell

Directors Donald Graham; Reed Hastings; Marc Andreessen; Peter Thiel; Erskine Bowles; and Susan Desmond-Hellmann reported in their regulatory filings that they each acquired nearly 5,000 restricted stock units that expire May 14, 2024.

Between Sunday and Tuesday, Chief Technology Officer Michael Schroepfer exercised nearly 40,000 restricted stock units that all expired in 2019. He then sold nearly 30,000 of those Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Class A shares in a couple of transactions, one on Monday and another on Tuesday. He sold almost 10,000 shares on Monday for around $64 each and an additional 20,000 shares for $64.10 each. After all of his reported transactions, he had about 191,451 shares of Facebook remaining.

Chief Product Officer Christopher Cox also exercised some of his restricted stock units earlier this week. He also disposed of some of his stock options on Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares. He also sold nearly 5,000 shares of Facebook for about $64 each on Monday and another 9,375 shares for $64.17 each, also on Monday. He was left with around 580,000 shares under his direct ownership and more than 170,000 shares under his indirect ownership.