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Penn Top College For Asset Managers

If you want to enter the asset management industry, a diploma from University of Pennsylvania (Penn) might open more doors than a Harvard, Columbia or University of Chicago degree, a new report on Asset Managers‘ college preferences shows.


Penn with most alumni

The report, produced by EVestment and published on the Wall Street Journal web site, shows that Penn has the most total alumni in the asset management industry, followed by Columbia University and the University of Chicago in fourth with 877 total alumni represented in the industry.  Penn had 1,101 alumni represented.  The list was rounded out with New York University, Stanford, Northwestern, UCLA and UC Berkeley almost in a tie with the tenth place spot, Boston College, which had 372 alumni in Asset management.

Penn Asset managers

University of Chicago tops per capita ranking

Which school per capita had the largest percentage of students in asset management.  In this study the quantitative programs at University of Chicago topped the list.  When ranking total alumni for the school size, the report noted UofC at the top, followed by Penn then smaller Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton and the granddaddy of all quant factories, Massachusetts Institute of Technology came in sixth place.

Penn UofC

The report “investigates the strength of school networks within the industry, where they are most concentrated, and how networks compare to each other,” the report said, defining criteria used in the asset management industry.

In terms of the most MBA graduates in asset management, UofC topped the list, followed by Columbia, New York University, Penn, Harvard, Northwestern, UCLA, Stanford, USC and University of Michigan, a public school, rounding out the list of the top ten.

California top two public schools

In terms of public schools, going to school in California was a popular choice. UCLA and UC Berkeley topped this list, quickly folled by Michigan, University of Virgina, Indiana University, University of Minnesota, Penn State, University of Wisconsin and Iowa comes in at number nine.  Breaking the Big Ten dominance of the list, University of Maryland in College Park rounds out the list.


Asset management firms voluntarily provided the information on their key professionals to eVestment alongside other firm and fund information. The report was built from a data set of over 35,000 active professionals, from over 4,500 asset management firms, who represent over 900 universities and colleges globally.

Penn Top College For Asset Managers full study via eVestment

See full Penn Top College For Asset Managers study in PDF format here.